Garden on the mountain

Apparently there are over 100 tree species at the Mount Royal Cemetery, and if I had taken the time to pick up a map at their office I would be able to tell you what the name of this white flowering tree is. But the cemetery takes up 165 acres on the slopes of the mountain, and that would have been quite a hike with my painting gear. As with many other areas of Montreal, I continue to discover treasures in my city by seeking out sketching spots, and this place certainly is a treasure, especially in the spring when it is all abloom. If you have any idea what this tree might be, I would love to hear. If not, I guess I’ll make the hike to get the tree map at the cemetery office.


18 Comments on “Garden on the mountain”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    Although they normally grow further south, it might be a tulip tree?? It’s hard to tell without a bit more detail. (Just a suggestion)


  2. I love how much you are able to convey with just a suggestion of shape and color!


  3. Mary says:

    Such a peaceful place 🙂 and I think the tree might be a Catalpa which is characterized
    by clusters of white blossoms with huge leaves. The seeds are like long beans. There is a magnificent one on campus just down from Herzberg but don’t think it’s in full bloom yet.
    Usually the foliage is much lower but this one may have had a lot of pruning.
    Just a guess Shari….you continue to be amazing 🙂


    • Thanks for the suggestion Mary. I have several Catalpa trees in my neighbourhood but I don’t think it was that. The leaves were much smaller. I think maybe Jane’s suggestion of the Black Locust tree was probably right. Of course this has made me realize that I need to learn a bit more about trees!


    • Mary says:

      You’ll never believe….we have a hawthorn in our own back yard but now there’s too much shade for that many white blossoms. We have so many trees!


  4. Jane Reeder says:

    Might it be a black locust? They can have a lot of showy white blooms in spring.


  5. Lee Kline says:

    Oh, I agree about cemeteries. They are the best, most tranquil places to draw. This is a wonderful watercolor.


    • This looks so tranquil but I should have added a soundtrack. Just metres behind me is the road that goes right over the mountain. The soundtrack would have included a constant stream of motorcycles and cars, occasional booming music from a convertible, honking, buses stopping and starting. All the great sounds of a beautiful spring day in Montreal.


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