A thousand chimes

It wasn’t the sparkling white decks or the vivid sail covers that I noticed most when I walked towards this view of the yacht club. In fact it wasn’t anything visual at all. As I approached the little harbour today it was the noise that made the biggest impression. Creaking wood, squeaking pulleys, lapping waves all combined to create the sound of a thousand chimes that played for me while I sketched.


16 Comments on “A thousand chimes”

  1. Susanne says:

    Thank you for sharing. I check your posts everyday hoping one day I will prioritize sketching everyday too.


  2. Monique says:

    Absolutely fantastic.


  3. Ineke says:

    What a lovely sketch and a perfect subject with the boats and the water on a hot and humid day. I look forward everyday to your talented work!!


  4. Carolyn Breen Morton says:

    A big shot of inspiration 🙂


  5. liz bundle says:

    SIZZLIN’ GOOD! Nothing like nautical colours, white boats and masts. Great water too, that oily calm. Winslow is my main man bien sur but goldarn this is GREAT! Actually HOW he uses red has always fascinated me….it is SO subtle, just a tip of it, and yet ALWAYS somewhere – just a spot to yank your eye in.


  6. Les says:

    This feels like a happy painting. Also I like the blue, red, yellow combos


  7. tmikeporter says:

    A bit of poetry to with the sketch…thank you! Has us sharing your experience.


  8. Melanie Lewis says:

    Shari, in your Jan 14 post where you labeled your palette colors- could you please tell me the two yellow colors you use after the yellow ochre- you are so talented- thank you for sharing your paintings- I look forward to your blog each day!


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