I’ve been waiting to test out the new VERSÀTIL brushes by Escoda, so imagine my delight when I found them spread out on the counter at my favourite art supply store in Montreal, ready to be priced. These are synthetic sable — good for watercolour as well as acrylics and oil — and supposed to perform as well as the real Kolinsky sable, with the added bonus of costing half as much. I tried them out in my sketchbook today and they responded really well. They hold lots of juicy wash and are very springy but the real test will be using them on a big sheet of watercolour paper which I hope to do tomorrow. The only drawback that I can see so far is that if you want a big round brush (#20 or 22) the handle is way too fat. I bought a size 18 which fits comfortably in my hand. Available at Avenue des Arts in Montreal and probably online at major art suppliers.


8 Comments on “Versatile”

  1. RICHARD émilie. says:

    Quel plaisir de recevoir chaque jour votre aquarelle ainsi que vos propres commentaires!…J’essaierai de suivre votre conseil au sujet des nouveaux pinceaux, merci mille fois.
    Bien cordialement.
    A.E Richard.


  2. designsweet says:

    I too look forward to seeing your beautiful watercolour ‘sketches’. Your work has that delicate touch that I aspire to!


  3. Lee Kline says:

    I’m just happy the old wheelbarrow made it through another winter! Lovely picture.


  4. CharlieAmra says:

    I really like the composition on this one and the use of negative space. Congrats on the new brushes.


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