The kindness of neighbours

I must have looked a bit suspicious standing on the side of the street scribbling in a notebook. So suspicious that the owner of the house approached to find out if I was some sort of town inspector fining her for leaving these bowls by the curb. But the story is that after walking by this arrangement for many days I just had to carry my sketchbook on a dog walk and stop to record it. Last year I noticed the bowl of water for thirsty dogs and this spring there’s a new addition of a bowl of cookies. Let me correct that — a fine selection of cookies. Along with a bit of advertising, I guess due to recent scares of tainted dog treats. These bowls go in at night and come back out in the morning with fresh water and a new choice of treats. This may be a common sight in your neighbourhood but not in mine!


16 Comments on “The kindness of neighbours”

  1. Vicky Porter says:

    We have something in our neighborhood like this, except the treats are hanging from the tree, with a sign that says, “From the cats.”
    This is such a fun sketch!


  2. Mrs. P says:

    How awesome!


  3. karla salyer says:

    How nice!


  4. Tom Jump says:

    Hi Shari, We have a few residents that leave out water bowls but mostly it happens along the old commercial block where a bakery, coffee shop, pizza joint and maybe a few stores have a bowl or two by the sidewalk. Several places also have free dog treats but they are inside by the cashier. Around here if you left the treats out in a bowl the squirrels would probably get them or some big dog would woof them all down!

    Thanks for your efforts- I look at and enjoy your lovely work everyday even if I don’t comment!


    • Well thanks for commenting this time Tom. I suppose that in urban neighbourhoods in Montreal we would see this sort of thing but I live in the suburbs, which is why this is so rare. Of course my big dog would like to woof these all down and it does take some restraining while I pick one for her. As for the squirrels, we have plently but I’ve never seen them dipping into the bowl. Make me wonder though…


  5. Monique says:

    How sweet!

    Love your take on it!


  6. andre savard says:

    What a lovely sight. We still have decent people around. This is whats its all about.
    After seing the K9 dog in Moncton yesterday I could not but appreciate your quotation
    and as an artist to paint this very human sbject.
    the drawinsg his fine but the artist’s touch is excellent.


  7. KnitNell says:

    Lovely sketch and story.


  8. Pat brookes says:

    What a considerate neighbor!


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