Swamp shakeup

It’s good to shake things up sometimes, get out of your comfort zone, go a little crazy with paint and see what happens. Last week I painted this same scene of a boggy area in Mount Royal Park but made a design error by spacing the trees out too evenly, like little soldiers. I wanted to paint the swamp again and figured I had nothing to lose by using the back of another unsuccessful painting. There are some pencil lines for the main trees but other than that I just wanted to give the impression of the bog and the deep woods so I wet the sheet on both sides and let the paint and water flow. It’s a little rectangle of green chaos but I’m happy I lost control of this for many reasons. 1. It’s the only way to learn what the paint will do. 2. It made me realize just how much pigment you can put on wet paper. 3. It was really fun to try something new. Colours: Mostly Hooker’s Green and Indranthrene Blue with a bit of Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber. Brushes: Simmons 1″ synthetic flat and Escoda Versatil Synthetic Sables which are turning out to be excellent brushes.


14 Comments on “Swamp shakeup”

  1. Fleet Woodley says:

    Still has a good bit of push pull in the lower half separating the foreground from background. The water is sort of nice too.

    See? Even you’d experiments are better than my best efforts. 🙂

    ~ Fleetwood


  2. Miz Dee says:

    And those brushes are good because of the hand that holds them!


  3. Excellent Watercolour


  4. designsweet says:

    I so agree with Fleet – your experiments are better than my best efforts! Is it possible to just automatically ‘like’ all your work!


  5. Jody says:

    Wonderful deep, rich color. The reflections or whatever (doesn’t matter), are beautiful. I have those brushes on backorder; now you and Frank Eber both endorse them. I love the Escoda brushes already in my kit. How can they keep out doing themselves? Other posters are correct however, that new brush was in the hand of an awesome painter! Thank you for the daily inspiration.
    Jody Bryan


  6. Lee Kline says:

    The colors are rich and the illusion of water reflecting is quite lovely.


  7. Reissa Rapkin says:

    My friend in Vancouver just sent me your site and I am blown away. Do you ever give beginner water colour classes? I love your work.


    • Hi Reissa,
      I do give workshops in location sketching but they are mostly for people who have some experience in drawing and sketching. If you live in Montreal there are lots of great beginner watercolour classes at the Visual Arts Centre.
      Great to hear from you.



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