Closing time

After a really long car ride in rain that alternated between driving and torrential, I am happy to be sketching in Rockport again this year. The first sketch is from my window of the lobster traps and the fading light over the town. I arrived just in time to buy the freshest fish for dinner and get in a drawing of the guys hosing down the deck at Roy Moore Lobster Co. Hopefully the weather will clear tomorrow and there will be lots more of this. Sketch. Eat fish. Sketch. Eat fish.




8 Comments on “Closing time”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    The drawing is beautiful. I think you demonstrate just how important a good drawing is to a good watercolor.


  2. I love your sketchs. They are colorful and bright.


  3. Maria Stoller says:

    Yay! So glad to see you sketching on Cape Ann again. We spend a few weeks there every summer and love to see our home away from home through your eyes. As always, your sketches and blogs are just great! Thanks.


  4. Fleet Woodley says:

    Nice way to start the vacation. Hope the weather stays nice for you.

    ~ Fleetwood


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