Annisquam light

Yesterday in my post I mentioned the many challenges of plein air painting. For me one of the most difficult is painting in full sun. When my paper is not in shade the white of the sheet blasts back at me, bleaching out everything and making colours impossible to see. Despite that, I painted the Annisquam lighthouse in full sun, sitting on the rocks, watching the tide advance and threaten to wash both me and my painting out to sea. Well it really wasn’t that close but I was sitting on rocks that are submerged at high tide, so there was a certain urgency to complete this before the water came in. Size: 11″ x 15″ painted on Fabraino soft press paper.


22 Comments on “Annisquam light”

  1. Fleet Woodley says:

    The blending your form shadow on the cylinder is lovely. Beautiful sky and grass too.

    You must be having a blast.

    ~ Fleetwood


    • It’s a luxury to have this much time to sketch and paint. And the quality of the Rockport artists is quite amazing. We spent some time at their annual show. There were some paintings you would have loved. Very fine oils and watercolours including one oil by Jeff Weaver, whose work I love.


  2. andre savard says:

    Great work on the rocks, shadows, light refection on the top and then the green vegetation below, Its alive.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Linda Daily says:

    Simply beautiful Shari! I love the sky!


  4. Dean Mollon says:

    Very charming and inspirational!
    Love how you captured the light. You made it glow and sing.
    Dean Mollon

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  5. Nancy Kimbrough says:

    The lighthouse painting is so beautiful – I love the loose quality of your paintings and the color. I look forward to seeing what you’ve painted everyday – your dedication is amazing.


  6. Angie Macleod says:

    Very welcoming! I too love the sky, the little pool of water in the fore ground is very soothing and cohesive.


  7. Lesli Williamson, Portland, Oregon says:



  8. Claudette Panico says:

    Your rocks are superb, love the sky work with the direction of the cloud directing the eyes to the Lighthouse, which is a subject I love and the way you captured the light on this one just makes it sing. Sitting in the sun on a rock and with the glare off your paper and look what a beautiful painting, so worth it!


  9. Christine Kunkel says:

    I’ve only been following your work for a short while but it is already something I look forward to each day. You are able to convey so much with a minimum of detail. Love it. I am wondering what pen you use for your initial sketching – it is so fine.


  10. Valerie Cousins says:

    Beautiful work, Shari. I particularly like the rocks. Can you talk a little more about the quality of the paper you chose?


    • Thanks Valerie. I really like the Fabriano soft press paper. It’s not as textured as most cold press paper and it has a wonderful soft feel. It’s also extra white which I really like.


  11. Maria Stoller says:

    Fabulous shading on this lovely lighthous! Jeff Weaver is a favorite of mine too. He can really capture light!!


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