Carters Yacht Yard

I love setting up a travel stool and looking through the fence into Carter’s yacht yard in Gloucester. This is where they work on the big old boats. They are simply beautiful objects to draw — no polished wood or shiny metal here — this is all rust and grime and sawdust and grease. I can get totally lost in this and if I could spend a week just painting these boats I would.


5 Comments on “Carters Yacht Yard”

  1. Kristiina Sakai says:

    Lovely as always This answers my question about Rockpor; If you now are in Glocester, I know your Rockport is in Massachusets. I live in New Hampshire but we also have oan old farm house in Qc as well – east of Sherbrooke.


  2. Diane says:

    Oh wow, I see you happen to be visiting my “neck of the woods.” I love your blog (you have quite a talent!) and live in VERY nearby Hamilton, Mass! Enjoy our North Shore.


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