Bearskin Neck in the morning

It would be impossible to sketch on Bearskin Neck in the middle of the day —there’s just too much pedestrian traffic and the street is too narrow. But it’s the reason why people go to Rockport. To walk up and down this street with their kids and dogs, to eat lobsters and fudge (hopefully not at the same time), to buy souvenirs and to check out the art galleries. On Father’s Day there was no parking to be found within a mile of the centre of town. Rockport seems to be a place mostly for day tourists and that’s what makes it attractive to me. In the morning and evening the place clears out and then I can set up anywhere and sketch all the little buildings. In a sketch like this I usually start by looking at the line of the roofs against the sky. Once those are in I can add the detail of the structures, and lastly all the colourful accents.


11 Comments on “Bearskin Neck in the morning”

  1. Ashley Wright says:

    This is incredible! Hope we can do something like this in Seattle!
    Your work is so inspiring!


  2. croquedessin says:

    Lovely colours !


  3. Ross says:

    Lovely loose** sketch… with great vibrant colours.
    (** you still don’t seem to have learned to paint between the lines… even after all this practice!)


    • Thanks Ross. It’s great to hear from you again after a break. I see you haven’t lost your sense of humour… Hope you are well and that the Australian winter is not too cold this year.


      • Ross says:

        The break was for your benefit. I actually thought you were needing a spell, where you could just sketch/paint and respond to nice, positive comments. Hope you appreciated it?
        Winter here was bitterly cold… below 10C one morning… so I have moved to the northern hemisphere, temporarily.


      • I did enjoy the break Ross. It was much appreciated.
        So I guess if you are in the northern hemisphere you are enjoying summer again. Good for you. It must have been so terrible to have single digit temperatures in Australia.


      • Ross says:

        Yes, our winter was pretty tough… forcing many dramatic changes to our lifestyle… I even needed to stop putting ice cubes in my soda water!


  4. Monique says:

    This is one of my favorites!


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