Bearskin Neck with wires

When I was drawing yesterday’s sketch of Bearskin Neck someone came up to me and said “It’s a good thing you’re not drawing the side of the street with all the electrical wires!” I found that pretty funny since I love drawing wires and utility poles. Some people may find these unsightly but I think they give a rhythm to the drawing and they often echo the curves found in other parts of the picture. Sometimes they add a contrasting note when there are a lot of verticals and horizontals. Or in this case they add a little bit of disorder to a scene that might otherwise be a little too pretty.


20 Comments on “Bearskin Neck with wires”

  1. Karla Kay Hull says:

    Absolutely beautiful. You are such a talented artist, and I love seeing your work. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Pete says:

    Always interesting.
    ” No Skateboards” Never seen a sign like that, cyclists are allowed but no skateboards?


  3. RICHARD émilie. says:

    Je suis tout à fait de votre avis, ici en France il y en a de moins en moins mais quand je vais chez ma fille à Chicago, je retrouve tous ces fils électriques et j’aime bien…


  4. kari says:

    I love the inclusion of wires–they move viewers’ eyes around and into a scene. In this particular case, I like how they echo the diagonal of the no-parking sign (and the sentiment of the no-skateboarding sign), giving the entire painting a sense of restraint, despite the loose application of paint.


    • Thanks Kari. That is so true about how they add direction and movement. There was a bit of restraint in this one. It was getting dark as I was drawing so the detail was disappearing quickly. The more I looked the less I could see.


  5. CD says:

    Really changes the feel of the street. Not as touristy looking. Fun to see booth.


  6. Maria Stoller says:

    The wires are a true part of this road. Amazing work you’re doing on Cape Ann.


  7. Anna Cull says:

    I love wires and poles too — especially in ‘natural’ landscapes that would otherwise be (as you say) “a little too pretty” : )


  8. Michael says:

    An incredibly beautful series of sketches, Shari. You capture the light very well, not to mention the shape of the rocks and houses.


  9. brooklyn49 says:

    Your wires are the best! I see them first when they are included in one of your pieces. Just like you, they bring everything together in harmony. Bravo.
    Iohannes aka Jacques


  10. Nan Axelton says:


    I really enjoy your sketches, they have such vitality. I’m curious about your technique. Do you sketch in ink first, then do your washes or visa versa?

    Plein Aire watercolorist, Nan


    • Hi Nan,

      I usually draw the ink first and then try to loosely add the watercolour. If I do it the other way around I end us outlining and that looks too tight. So to keep things fresh I usually do the pen part first. Glad you like the sketches!



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