The Chinese Garden

It was a mental leap when I returned from Rockport and I had to go from maritime to horticultural sketching. From all that blue to all this green! I don’t know why it was so much of a shock but it was, and it took my sketching eyes a bit of time to adjust. Fortunately I was in good company as this month our USk Montreal group was joined at the Botanical Gardens by Tony from the UK and Jeff from Vermont (that’s Jeff in my sketch). It’s always a pleasure to host visiting sketchers. That is, for me, one of the most wonderful things about the very large and very widespread Urban Sketchers family. You know that wherever you travel in the world— well almost everywhere — you will find sketchers who might be willing to go out drawing with you. In fact Tony planned his visit to Canada to coincide with our monthly meeting. It’s something to keep in mind next time you travel, especially if you are reticent to sketch on your own in a new city. Check out the global directory on to find sketchers in the next place you visit.


6 Comments on “The Chinese Garden”

  1. Nathalie says:

    Thanks for telling us about the change of mindset (from blue to green 🙂 and for the open invitation to further discover the USK worldwide community.


  2. andre savard says:

    Wow what a mind twister change!!!!!!! from all the beautiful scenes on the east cost.
    It takes a pro to acomplish what you just did.
    Love the pound and the chinese building.


  3. This is really gorgeous and I really like the shades of green. It brings you right into an Eastern garden.


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