Trinity is picture perfect. But sometimes picture perfect is hard to paint because there’s too much choice. In Trinity there are dozens of tastefully painted historical buildings, a lighthouse in the distance, a backdrop of rolling hills, a marina, old fishing shacks, church steeples, boats, gardens, picket fences, granite outcroppings, a museum and saltbox houses. Where do I begin? With this much choice you just pick a spot and paint what’s in front of you.



12 Comments on “Trinity”

  1. Tim Mancusi says:

    It amazes me how you do these every day and it takes me 2 months to finish a watercolor.
    Sigh. Maybe when I retire…


    • Like you, I thought that I would only get back to watercolour in retirement. Then I started this blog with one little drawing a day. And somehow it turned into this… So just make a little time every day, even a few minutes.


  2. isa says:

    j’aime beaucoup cette aquarelle, bravo !


  3. I am really enjoying the colours in your recent sketches. They make me feel very cheerful.


  4. Absolutely beautiful. You have captured the feel of the land.


  5. Janet says:

    Love everything about this painting. Your talent is amazing. Would love to visit this little part of the world.


  6. andre savard says:

    Beautifull scene and you have the feeling that you are there. Good work,
    Love your rock design.


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