A birthday, a milestone, a draw and a book

It seems like just yesterday that I cracked open my first tiny Moleskine sketchbook, and yet today marks the third birthday of this blog. More remarkably, Wordpress tells me this is my 1,000th post! I always tell people I started this blog to get back to drawing and painting, but I never dreamed that I would fill this many sketchbooks, meet so many people with the same passion for sketching, and travel to some pretty amazing places to learn and teach.

I’m so appreciative of all the people who have followed my progress over the last three years, who have sent me comments and provided encouragement, feedback and suggestions. I have learned so much from all of you. In appreciation, I’d love to offer you something in return. If you send me your name in an email at sblaukopf (at) gmail (dot) com, I’ll enter you in a draw for this original sketch (done today at Jean Talon Market) and announce the winner on October 22!


Knowing this milestone was close got me thinking about the direction my work will be taking. After 1,000 sketches (more actually, if you count all the bad ones I didn’t post!), I think it’s time to migrate the format from a daily sketch blog to a most of the time blog. With that in mind, I’ve changed the blog subtitle from “A different drawing every day” to “Mostly Montreal, most of the time”. This reflects the direction I am hoping to take my work. Over the last three years I’ve drawn and painted flowers, gardens, markets, fruit, objects and portraits, but my favourites are the street scenes of Montreal. Although this won’t be my exclusive focus, I do hope to sketch and paint more of Montreal’s great neighbourhoods, in all seasons. I recently put together some of my favourite watercolours in book format (and there are more to come), so if you are interested, have a look here.

Mostly Montreal Book

I also think it’s time to separate the sketches from the paintings, so in the near future I will be launching another website that will feature my larger format watercolours as well as smaller sketches for sale. After three years, it’s time to make the leap to be a slightly more professional format without, I hope, losing any of the fun of doing this. I’ll announce the website as soon as it’s live, but the blog and the (almost) daily sketches will still live here.

As for the content of the blog, I am hoping to add more instructional tidbits when I can. That’s the idea of posting less frequently, but adding more value to the posts (when time permits). After 1,000 sketches I think my brushes deserve a short break for this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be back soon but for now I’m off to enjoy a piece of birthday cake.

98 Comments on “A birthday, a milestone, a draw and a book”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Congratulations on this milestone Shari — you deserve the best! I love your blurb too, and I hope that many more of these wonderful paintings of yours will be coming our way -)))


  2. wrightottawa says:

    One thousand daily posts is quite an accomplishment Shari, and the positive ripple effect of encouragement and learning has been larger than you will ever really know.

    I think the documentation of Montreal’s cultural landscape is a legacy project, and all the more valuable through the filter of how you see it.



  3. Congratulations Shari. You are a true artist, sharing, painting everyday and definitely you deserve a break. Glad to hear your plans, ,love your helpful hints, overjoyed to read your commentaries along with your sketches, so refreshing and inspiring and looking forward to your next blurbs/blogs. Glad you will be focusing on Montreal neighbourhoods, we have so many and so diverse. Continued success….you have a huge fan club.


  4. I don”t think there is much left to say after Martha’s comments. But still Happy birthday blog; and will continue reading , and admiring.Thanks for all the help, from a huge fan. Am so glad that Helmut introduced us a few years back.
    And know what i will ask for christmas..


  5. Sarah says:

    Congratulations!! You write such inspiring posts, paint with a most lovely style, more than I’ll ever get together… you most certainly deserve a break from all of it!! Happy 1,000, and I am glad you will continue ❤ Thank you.


  6. JoAnn says:

    Happy Birthday & Happy Blogoversary! I’m grateful you’re here and benefit always from your generously-shared, helpful hints & tips.


  7. Linda Daily says:

    Congratulations Shari! You are an inspiration to all of us that follow your work.
    I am happy to hear you are going in a slightly different direction. It will be exciting to watch your work. Your painting tips are invaluable and I look forward to more.
    Enjoy celebrating a big accomplishment!
    Now,take a deep breath and know you don’t have to post daily!


  8. Chris Kopet says:

    Happy happy birthday. And congratulations for doing what you love (and are so good at) and sharing with all of us. It is wonderful to receive a beautiful painting or sketch in my email box.


  9. Vicky Porter says:

    I can’t believe that I’ve been following your blog for that long, but I do know that I’ve received lots of tips and inspiration. Thank you and congratulations on three years of devoted sketching and blogging. I’m looking forward to your new format and postings.


  10. Carol Koffler says:

    E-mailed you twice at the address you provided for your drawing on October 22.It bounced back twice. Carol Koffler

    Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 22:47:29 +0000 To: ckoffler@sympatico.ca


  11. Ashley Wright says:

    Wow. What an incredible accomplishment. Your enthusiasm and talent is such a joy to observe & be a part of even via the web. Thanks for your commitment!


  12. Bravo! Your sketches bring a bit of joy each day to my inbox, and they will continue to do so whenever you choose to post. I’m glad you are moving in new directions for you and giving yourself the freedom to be less beholden to the daily post. I’m sure good things will come of it!


  13. Alison says:

    Congratulations Shari…. I’m getting a little choked up reading this post. What a journey — one that will continue to take you places you never would have imagined 3 years ago. Your blog has been (and will continue to be) a great gift to many people.


  14. Mary says:

    This is such a special time for you Shari after having achieved so much in the world of art
    for three years. What a major gift you have very kindly given all your fans with beautiful
    daily paintings and generous instruction. We are all so grateful for this and so happy for you
    to now be moving in a new artistic direction of exploration and discovery. We’re so glad you’re not leaving us but contributing in a new format. Congratulations Shari for your amazing accomplishments and all the best in your new endeavours. Thank you so much for everything.


  15. Marvey Mueller says:

    Hooray for you – three years is a big commitment. Your daily posts have been a delight in my life and I wish you well as you move to your new focus. I’ll be looking forward to what ever you do.


  16. Heather W says:

    Congratulations on the new book, the blogging anniversary and such a beautiful collection of work! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


  17. isabelle says:

    Everyday , i’m so happy to see your dailypainting happy thanksgiving


  18. tmikeporter says:

    It has most enjoyable to follow you on the journey, Shari.


  19. mirobolante says:

    Toutes mes félicitations !!! Quantité et qualité, , beauté, enthousiasme, persevérance…. que de choses qui en disent long sur tes qualités personnelles et artistiques. Encore et toujours merci pour le partage.


  20. croquedessin says:

    Congratulations ! Very nice painting.


  21. good idea Shari
    I ‘m writing an article about water color and I would like to talk about you (I will put a link to an article I like a lot) could you please telle me the day /date from the one with the boats? It was in june


  22. Ross says:

    Is it really three years? Congratulations. Great persistence, great commitment, great improvement, great sketches and great accompanying words! I still can’t believe that I stumbled onto this blog (almost) three years ago. I am still amazed that I saw that spark of talent and decided to follow. Thank heavens… that was a really good decision… I think that was pretty perceptive of me, don’t you?


  23. Johanne says:

    Congratulations on the 3 year milestone and the 1000th post! It has been great fun to follow you all this time. Good luck with the continuation in a new format.


  24. stacey says:

    congratulations. your blog always puts a little inspiration in my email box. Thanks for that. i look forward to the instructional tidbits too.


  25. Monique says:

    Happy I found your blog..I think it was through a Gazette article?
    I enjoy every post..so talented you are
    The book looks great..
    Happy Anniversary.


  26. My husband and I will both miss your daily posts, and looking forward to seeing larger pieces and also hearing how you do what you do. I am an artist switching from acrylic to watercolor and learn a lot from your images. Best, Kate


  27. Alberta Smith says:

    I cannot express how much I have appreciated your daily blog. To have had the opportunity to see a piece of your art every day and then to read your comments about the creation of that piece has been a valued learning experience for me. Many congratulations on your commitment and dedication in achieving this remarkable milestone! I shall continue to enjoy your postings when they pop up from time to time.


  28. Happy Aniversary, congratulations on this great book. Wish you continued success. And thanks for every single blogpost. They are the best.


  29. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. So many people have already said how so many of us feel far better than I can. So I’ll leave it at congratulations, a big, bigthank you and best wishes for everything you’re going to be doing. I’m waiting on those Utah paintings! Tony


  30. arnoldtd says:

    Congratulations! I have enjoy all the pictures. Quick question Any art class offered in high school I took. I have taken many classes has an adult but do not have an art degree. So when asked to give a bio any I a self taught artist? My hubby and I differ on this. Your thoughts? Thanks


  31. John says:

    Publish them in a book.


  32. Kristiina Sakai says:

    Congratulations! Your sketches are so very beautiful and I truly love all the commentary. Though my work is mostly abstract or abstracted acrylics and quite textural, I feel I am learning from you about composition , light and shadow, about diligence and, Shari, I’m looking at the world though different set of eyes now; I’m seeing it more clearly, more appreciatively. You have been so very generous and I will miss your daily post and look forward to the future ones.
    Thank you very much and Happy Thanksgiving.


  33. Joan says:

    Holy Moly! 1000 posts! What dedication, what inspiration, what a wonder you are. Best wishes for the next chapter in your art journey. I’m a true fan.


  34. Terry Allor says:

    I love your work – especially your market scenes.


  35. CharlieAmra says:

    Congratulations on such an amazing milestone. Your blog is the first sketch blog I checked every day. You have become a daily inspiration. I look forward to your new blog and next 1,000 posts!


  36. Liz Steel says:

    Congrats! Such an achievement and so excited to hear about your new developments. Getting your post every day in my inbox is always a highlight… just love your work and you are a daily inspiration to me!
    will be sending you an email too. – but needed to comment on this post as well! Go Shari GO!


  37. Myra says:

    Receiving your daily blog and sketch has been a great joy for the last year. Congratulations and thank you Sherri for imparting the beauty that is your art. I hope to be part of the next chapter!


  38. Mary King says:

    I look forward to seeing your email blog everyday. I do not like to sketch but I love the end result when i do. You have helped me get closer to my goals of learrning to take the time to do a presketch (and small painting) before i start to do the main Painting. I would love to take a class with you and am going to check the website to see when you are near me. Thank you so much for all the work that goes into each of these blogs!!!


  39. Margaret McDermott says:

    I have really loved getting your sketches each day, they are so wonderful. I look forward to getting your book and wish you ever success as you continue your art journey!


  40. littlepostcards says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Looking forward to the new direction you’re heading!


  41. Kalena says:

    Shari, have enjoyed your site, helps me continue to be inspired to draw and hold on to the fond memories and onnections made this past summer in Anacortes! Lots of love, Kalenamom


  42. Beste says:

    Congratulations and all the best for the new venture!


  43. Fleet Woodley says:

    You are killin it! Congrats on the milestone and the book. Love this one and all the ones you have been doing of the changing leaves.

    Bracing for the cold yet?

    ~ Fleetwood


  44. Tracye says:

    Love your sketches and watercolors, can’t wait for the book. Good Luck with the new site.


  45. Tim says:

    Finally a book! Oh frabjous day! What joy in yonder window breaks etc.? This is wonderful…I will order at least four copies.


  46. Michael says:

    Congratulations on your 1,000th posting. I might add that they’re all high quality postings with plenty of great advice for budding artists. Its always a pleasure to see your latest creation and to follow your artistic interests.


  47. How did I miss this? Congratulations on the milestone and yay, my book is on it’s way to me!


  48. vallonj says:

    Shari- your sketches are so inspirational, and congrats on reaching a whopping 1000! looking forward to seeing more great work and I want a book for sure!


  49. Elaine says:

    I am a fan. You inspire me. I read all your posts.. and its is always an inspiration, a joy … or a laugh ! Proud to see a fellow Quebec artist be so talented and successful. Congratulation.
    I will follow you forever !


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