Better late than never

I’ve painted this tree twice before. Once in October 2012 and then again in October 2013. I walked by it the other day and realized that I had almost missed painting it this year, and with the wild wind and rain we’ve had this week it was almost too late. Once again with this foliage, I drew the large shape of the tree first in pencil, added in the foliage shapes with paint, and then with a series of rigger brushes, I wove the dark branches in and out.


31 Comments on “Better late than never”

  1. Stunning — I love this one!


  2. Monique says:

    I love it too..
    WE have many many of course here and never ever do I see one without marveling.


  3. Suzy Frisbee says:

    This is glorious! I just can’t get the hang of trees.


  4. Alison says:

    Fantastic! A perfect visual capsule of this time of year – the lingering beauty and a foreshadowing of the raw November coming our way. Thank you for the instructional info. Very helpful!


  5. It’s a great time of year to paint it, with the leaves turning yellow and blowing away. This is so dynamic and colourful!


  6. Joan says:

    You’re dialed in on painting trees. This is so beautiful…I’m wearing out that word on your blog.


  7. Chris Rusk says:

    It is glorious.


  8. Excellent watercolor !


  9. Linda says:

    Beautiful! Vibrant! I love the colors!


  10. croquedessin says:

    A fantastic explosion of colours


  11. Tammy says:

    Such a beautiful tree! I just found your blog, it’s lovely!!


  12. Chris Paling says:

    Great work and really interesting to see how your confidence and voice has developed over the last 3 years. The first one could have been painted by any competent watercolorist – the final one could only have been done by you and is immediately recognisable as one of yours.


    • It’s always interesting to go back and look at the work from a year or two ago. I always think about going back to all the places I sketched at a year ago and doing them again. Of course I never get around to doing it…


  13. geoff bladon says:

    Wow! An autumn (firecracker) celebration.


  14. Alberta Smith says:

    Well, I am glad you didn’t walk by without painting it a third time. This rendition is stunning and uplifts the spirits.


  15. Rhonda says:

    I think that the fallen leaves makes for a great effect with empty branches… nailed it~!


  16. thats nice SHari!

    how long do a water color takes you?
    As I told you I just started some lessons, but quicly I take the pen because I love drawing with the pen… but I see I do not have this patiente to wait it’s dry wit the water color…..


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