Two pairs

Sketching. The best form of procrastination while grading student assignments. It could also be surfing the web, making tea or walking the dog. 25 down, 90 to go.



15 Comments on “Two pairs”

  1. Ross says:

    Really good sketch. I like the lineal composition. Now, focus… no more sketches until you finish!


  2. Pat Brookes says:

    The background is so fresh and light. How do you decide on your background for a still life?


    • Good question Pat. This background is unusual in that I painted it first. Often the background colour is a derivative of some of the colours in the subject (and therefore painted last) but in this case I was experimenting with a colour I use infrequently: Winsor Blue. I read an article by Hazel Soan about blues in the latest issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine, and this particular blue was used in a very diluted wash. I loved the way the tint looked, so I tried it here in the background.


  3. margo vonk says:

    Donot wait any longer, eat the pears. They are lovely.


  4. Chris Paling says:

    Procrastination – also known as displacement activity. Being a novel writer I have come to understand that procrastination is the unconscious mind working/making decisions before the next word is written; the next image committed to the paper. Procrastination is a vital part of the artistic process – each time we see an autumn tree, observe a transaction between two people we continue that process. Very underrated: our unconscious mind is what ultimately gives us a voice and procrastination is how we access that part of ourself.


    • I’ve never quite thought about it like that Chris and you have given me a lot to ponder. I’m not sure the type of procrastinating you are referring to is what I am doing though, because it doesn’t have anything to do with the creative process. In fact, I would much rather be painting than grading, and when it comes time to paint I get down to it right away, although there is often thinking and planning time in there too. It’s when it comes to something I don’t want to do, like grading, that I find a million other things to occupy my time.
      There was a very interesting obituary in the Globe and Mail this week about the Canadian artist Robert Genn, who I had never heard of. I love the advice he gave his children:“Waiting for inspiration is for amateurs; professionals get to work.”


  5. Joan says:

    Lovely, as usual. I find pears so appealing. Love to look at them, paint them…no other fruit has that appeal for me other than pumpkins, oh wait, those are vegetables.


  6. Colin Pears says:

    I have a copy of this in my kitchen, it’s a great piece…………….I love it. With my name how could I not?

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