Soaking it up

It’s a bit of a silly thing to draw — the natural sponge that was sitting on my drafting table — but after I drew it, I realized it might be a symbol. A symbol of freedom, for a little while, from teaching and grading and preparing for classes. A symbol for the next few weeks of drawing and painting and soaking up whatever I see. And of getting back to posting more regularly. Can’t wait.


21 Comments on “Soaking it up”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    I feel the same way Shari — good analogy -)))


  2. Pam says:

    Hi Shari–I sure enjoy your blog and especially this comment. I always err by waiting for the “perfect” scene to paint. I would paint more often if I followed your lead…it’s always the simple things.


  3. Jody says:

    We will all be waiting and ready.


  4. Ross says:

    I was really glad to hear that you have a break from the teaching and all that goes with it… and I am looking forward to more regular posts… I have been missing my daily fix, so that is great news. But the sponge as a symbol… really?


    • I’m looking forward to more posts too Ross. And maybe some more symbols that are as good as the sponge.


      • Ross says:

        So, you are needing help (again!)… this time constructing more inane symbols with contrived meanings to pad out your blog? That isn’t hard… you set the bar pretty low with the sponge.
        How about drawing a pen… which could be a symbol of drawing a line and leaving your past semester behind? Or perhaps, drawing a pencil… a symbol of how you are going to sharpen your skills over the break? : )


      • All good suggestions Ross. But now I’m in Central America so you’ll have to work hard to find something i can sketch here.


      • Ross says:

        Yes, I noticed your outlook had changed slightly.
        As for the symbols… if I can give you some advice (which I will do whether you want it or not), don’t waste any more of your time on more symbols. Just get out there and start sketching.


  5. Alison says:

    Great sketch, free and exuberant. Not adjectives I usually associate with a sponge. But once again, you have revealed through your artistry, the hidden dimensions of your subject. And through your writing, you’ve provoked my thinking about everyday objects. Great analogy! Soak it up!


  6. andre savard says:

    There you are. Happy to see you back. Simple subject but with many détails.
    Good draw, can’t wait to have my chocolate chip cookie lather on today.


  7. Janice Kelly says:

    A true artist sees beauty in everything and renders it extraordinary on paper or canvas.


  8. Enjoy your break, Shari. I know we’re all in for a treat, because you’re going to paint snow!


  9. cathy mcauliffe says:

    Looking forward to seeing what happens!
    Happy break!


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