Christian, one hour pose

Life drawing is addictive. At the end of three hours, I feel I could go on for another three. I guess it’s because no painting is ever really right, so there’s always the possibility that the next one will be a little bit better. There are so many variables to master while the clock ticks away. The pencil drawing, the skin colour, control of wetness.Today’s model was Christian, and although he did some very expressive short poses, he’s not an easy man to draw. He has a dancer’s physique — long arms and legs — as well as a narrow face and deepset eyes. When the afternoon session was over I looked around to see what everyone else had done. Some people had decided not to tackle the legs at all and instead focused only on the upper body or did portraits. As you can see, the most relaxed person in the room was Christian himself.


2 Comments on “Christian, one hour pose”

  1. Mary says:

    i really like this Shari as you’ve accommodated most of his body including his long legs
    in a pleasing composition. The skin tone on his legs and face seem to be cooler but his torso
    changes to a warm tone instead adding an interesting punch. Maybe the lighting changed.
    i should be there practicing even with a pencil, but instead chatted with a very old friend.
    I admire how you use your time constructively and are so well disciplined and motivated 🙂


    • You should come Mary. It would be so great to see you. Although it’s probably best that you stayed in today. It was so cold and windy out there near the lake.
      I guess I did reverse what is the standard way of painting the body. Cool for the torso and warm for the limbs. I still need so much practice at this. Yikes. I could do it every day!


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