Snow and stone

I had only three-quarters of an hour to sketch today on my way to school so decided not to be overly optimistic about what can be accomplished in that time, in a cold car. The value (the relative degree of lightness or darkness) of a light object or structure in shadow is always a fascination for me. In other words, how dark can you make something (in this case the car in shade and the dark side of the light building) and still have it be perceived as a light object? I’ve sketched this scene many times but the snow always adds a more interesting aspect to it. It’s even better when I’m able to see a sliver of the red side door of the stone church, but there was a car parked in my usual spot today so all I had to draw was snow and stone.


6 Comments on “Snow and stone”

  1. Alice says:

    Maybe having only 45 minutes was a good thing on this. It’s fresh and energetic. Makes me think I’m working on masterpieces in my sketchbooks that might benefit from a little (or maybe a lot) less attention!


    • Aice, having a time limit is often a good thing for me. It forces you to put down the essential first and sometimes makes you realize that the essential + a tiny bit of detail is all you need!


  2. Pam says:

    I am so happy to see the hint of yellow warmth in this winter scene–written from one who is in Tucson where it was 82 degrees and sunny today. Someday your Spring will come…..


  3. Lee Kline says:

    This is brilliant, Shari. Reminds me of home in upstate New York, but in a good way!


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