Église Saint Sacrement

It was a good change today to dig into my painting bag and pull out my drawing pens. I haven’t used them for a while and was relieved to find that they haven’t dried out. I have to admit it’s a different type of looking that goes on when you do this kind of sketch. Instead of comparing and contrasting shapes, you think more about different types of wiggly lines to describe the wires or the stone or the metal fence. In my case, the line always goes down before the wash. That’s because if I paint first, I tend to outline the contours of the paint shapes, but if I draw first, what I hope to achieve is a little offset between the line and the wash that makes the sketch more dynamic.


14 Comments on “Église Saint Sacrement”

  1. John Lillyman says:

    The line work seems to give it a delicate touch that makes my mind enquire as to the details of this grand old church. My eye is drawn to the entry doors and I love the shadow work there. Can I ask if this is a Sharpie that you use for the line work?


    • Thanks John. It is a beautiful church and I’ve drawn a close up of the doors before. The line work for his one was done with a Lamy Safari pen and Noodlers black ink in a folio size Moleskine sketchbook.


  2. Monique says:

    You are so blessed:)


  3. Jeff Gold says:

    I admire all of your work, from simple pencil sketches to highly finished full watercolors. But I must admit a special fondness for your pen and watercolor drawings-paintings. This is a prime example of the energy you create by combining both elements. The line work adds rhythm and definition while the painting gives value, color and texture. A perfect mix with great character.


    • Jeff, thanks so much. I think a pen line does create a lot of energy in a drawing and it was so much fun to really draw again like this. It’s good to change the materials you work with sometimes, as you have shown me.


  4. Dee says:

    Doesn’t matter which came first , the chicken or the egg, as long as the omelet tastes good! This is delicious!


  5. dezabaleta says:

    Excellent watercolor !


  6. george smith says:

    I enjoy reading the comments and now and then like to comment too. There is nothing I can think of to embellish what Jeff Gold wrote. Articulate artwork, articulate writing and really warm comments. None of this would happen without your unstoppable passion and willingness to share with a grateful following. You have earned enough kudos to fill the old wheelbarrow in your backard. Enjoy rhe weekend.


  7. george smith says:



  8. Andrea says:

    All the lines and detail you were able to capture is impressive. I like this very much.


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