Field testing

After spending a few hours this week watching Marc’s course “Sketching people in motion” on, I decided to try his process in the field (which was in fact at a senior’s home). I had a small Moleskine in my bag, along with some pens and pencils and I spotted this man at a table. I started with a gesture pencil drawing, moved from there to a loose line with ink, added some contact shadows with brush pen (all in about 10 minutes) and filled in with colour at home. Now normally I would probably be thinking that the man might get up and walk away, and that might discourage me from starting in the first place. But the rough pencil lines allowed me to capture a lot of information — even if my model got up to change the channel on the tv —and I was still able to fill in a lot of the rest from memory. I think with practice you train yourself to look for where the contact shadows are right from the start. Marc’s method is clear and easy to follow and I’ll be using it again.


17 Comments on “Field testing”

  1. whimseytopia says:

    Marc must be making a fortune. You’re the third person I know who just signed up for his class. I really like this piece.


  2. Linda Daily says:

    I am enjoying Marc’s class also. I tried it out at a cafe this week. As I lack confidence drawing people,his three step approach works well for me. Nice sketch Shari!


  3. lynnbowes says:

    I have yet to sign up for a course but have one marked as it tempts me. Well worth the bargain prices for a 24/7 classroom, I’m guessing?


  4. john hofman says:

    What are contact shadows?
    John Hofman


    • Hi John,
      Sorry for being unclear about that. I have painted with Marc so often and heard him use that term that I assumed everyone knew what it was.
      Contact shadows are those little very dark areas, in this case the ones cast by his t-shirt onto his arms or under the neck. I hope that helps.
      If you look on Marc’s site (citizen he has some downloads that explain what they are too.


  5. Kathie says:

    very nice! I signed up for his class thanks to you!


  6. Harriet Braun says:

    can you send me the link for the $15 discount for marc taro holmes course?


  7. Dee says:

    Taking the course too. Love it! Have you posted this great fellow?


  8. Bruce Lowe says:

    Another one here taking Marc’s course. Sherri, your work looks like the professional quality that it is! The course is very helpful and Marc does a great job teaching and interacting online with the students.
    I love the way you capture the snowy Montreal landscapes.


  9. Hi Shari, me too, doing Marc’s course and reading his book, enjoying it all. You two are giving a ton of enjoyment to a ton of people, good on ya!


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