The blob

I love using ink pens, especially the Platinum Carbon pen that has a flexible nib that comes as close to a dip pen as I have found. I often use the pen twice during the sketch, once before the wash and once after in places where the darks need a little boost. I was just finishing this sketch when I turned my head for a minute — pen poised above the paper —to look at some kids playing in the grass nearby. When I looked back at my sketch there were three blobs of ink that had dripped out of the pen onto the paper. Yikes. I was pretty certain this sketch would be a write-off but I managed to integrate the blobs into the texture of the grass. Can you see them? They are around the tree on the right side, and luckily not in the sky where they would have been much harder to hide.


38 Comments on “The blob”

  1. Pat brookes says:

    Beautiful, blobs and all. I especially like like the contouring of the hillside.

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  2. Rene Manning says:

    Precioso trabajo. Me encanta la vista de la perspectiva y la armoníade los colores verdes. Felicidades!!


  3. This has such depth – it really takes you in and is inviting, so wonderfully done.


  4. Peter says:

    Very peaceful…I like the partidges sleeping in the tree…a happy family..!


  5. Richcolors says:

    I’m inspired by your sketches and paintings. I love your compositions and fresh color. Would you be willing to do a post about how you create your wide array of greens?

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  6. karinakuschnir says:

    Lovely sketch as usual!! No blobs to be seen… 🙂

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  7. Mary says:

    I’d never have known there were blobs – this is a gorgeous sketch. I like you handled the expanse of lawn. A delight all around!


  8. I’m still not sure that I found the blobs, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them being visible 🙂 Where is this lovely building?


  9. Me parecen muy buenos y me encantan todos tus apuntes. Enhorabuena.


  10. Barbara Beynon says:

    I too really like it, camouflaged blobs and all. I think these unexpected events can be so charming in a watercolor sketch, even in the telling of the potential crisis.


  11. sandidureice says:

    Very fresh.


  12. Dee says:

    What a great save….I would never have known….


  13. Linda says:

    Wow, Shari! You go from one subject to the next with such expertise. So lovely. I especially like the pink trees/bushes? in the background. An unexpected delight of color 😊


  14. Joan says:

    Had you not mentioned the blobs I’d have never known they were there! Good save and a lovely painting/sketch.


  15. Juliana says:

    Hello Shari, wonderful work! 🙂 What a great solution for the unwelcome blobs! I love the colours combination.


  16. TR Duncan says:

    excellent Blob work! beautiful outcome!


  17. I just delivered the artwork for the new calendar to the printer today and I am so pleased with the work. I referenced your site often to get ideas on how to do new techniques. Guess I owe you a commission. I know, I’ll send you a calendar! xo Jacques


  18. I am really curious about the pen. Could you give us more information (Brand, thickness) and whether or not it is waterproof? I LOVE to paint with watercolors and pens….I am always looking for that “perfect black ink pen”! Chris S.


    • Sure Chris. I would love to share the info about the pen. It’s a Platinum Carbon Desk pen and I bought it at Goulet Pens:
      (They have great service, btw.)
      I use the cartridges although you could get the converter with ink, I believe. When you click on the link you’ll see that it has quite a fine nib which is what I like about it. And yes, it is waterproof! For me, it is the perfect black ink pen. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. Let me know if you like it (if you end up getting one, of course).


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