My uncle is not the president

My uncle is not the president but by some combination of mix- up and luck, he ended up sleeping in the presidential suite at this hotel where we are all staying for a family event. From his giant terrace, there’s an incredible panorama of Manhattan but what I sketched was more towards the New Jersey side — Ellis Island (where my grandparents landed when they first came to America) and the Statue of Liberty behind that. I’ve always wanted to have a tour of the island but in the meantime I have my sentimental sketch to tide me over. 


13 Comments on “My uncle is not the president”

  1. Monique says:

    I love clicking and making your art bigger to SEE even more.
    What a must have been elated w/ such a view..
    I did my homework yesterday..plein air;) And redid it different..
    I told my still looks like my way..he said you cannot change your handwriting in one lesson really..
    It just looks so childlike still..mine..anxious a bit?:)
    I am better at baking.
    It’s exciting to be re-examining brushes,paints etc..


  2. Louise says:

    The sky has a beautifull color! It makes me dream…It’s like if you can see far away on a soft windy day…I live in the country and I treasure these moments! So lovely…


  3. Linda Daily says:

    I love both your panaramas of NYC. The violet colors in the sky are so incredible.


  4. Dee says:

    Both views are awesome. They bring back memories of my one and only trip to NewYork.


  5. Ross says:

    Why is the Statue of Liberty sitting on top of that building?


    • They moved it. Didn’t you get that news in Australia?


      • Ross says:

        News take a long time to get to Australia!
        We heard that David Copperfield made it disappear… didn’t realize that they made it reappear somewhere else. What a shame… I like the way it sat on that little island.


  6. bissky says:

    Very cool Shari that your roots connect to this iconic place. New York is my favorite city. I hope you are having a wonderful family time.


    • Thanks Wayne. It was a wonderful time and it’s my favourite city too. I only had a few hours in the city to see the new Whitney museum and walk the High Line but it was wonderful. And the family stuff was so much fun.


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