Martin 16

I had a little time today to take some shots of work in progress that I will be using for my workshop at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore. The workshop is called “Big Brush Colour: capturing that first impression” and this was a perfect example of what we will be working on in the class.

When I arrived at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club this morning, the instructors were setting up the Martin 16 sailboats. These boats are built to allow children and adults with disabilities to sail (and leave their wheelchairs behind). I did a quick pencil drawing because I knew the boats might sail away at any moment. The first wash that I put on surrounded all the white sails, and as you can see, it’s pretty loose at this stage.

Martin16_Step1 In the second step, I started to add the shapes of the darks (the row of trees behind the boats, the darks under the docks and some of the reflections.Martin16_Step2 I was pretty fortunate that the boats stayed there for a long time so I was able to put in some detail. The colour may be slightly different since the final painting is scanned — not photographed in the field like the earlier phases. And how did I know when it was time to stop? When I glanced up and the boats had sailed away.Martin16_Step3

17 Comments on “Martin 16”

  1. Katy Evans says:

    Thank you for showing us the painting stages, I find it really useful. I’m still trying to understand using tonal values, but you make it look easy!


  2. Monique says:

    What a fabulous piece Shari..and what a great idea these boats are♥
    I received the pen favorite pen.


  3. Janet Sargisson says:

    Really lovely, so loose but sure at the same time! That takes years and years…and a mighty gift!


  4. Sue says:

    It’s fun to see your progress


  5. nikiraa says:

    Beautiful! Admire how exact the strokes are, indicating shape and texture. Hard to be in control.


  6. It may be hard, but you make it look easy. Thanks for sharing, Shari. (I got my pen too, but can’t get it to write…..argh, will be calling Amazon.) Looking forward to working with the exercises in your online course.


    • Here’s the trick with the pen, because the same thing happened to me. You really need to push hard to get the cartridge to go in. Harder than you might think. And then it will last a long time before it needs to be replaced.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm. Ok thx. Amazon is sending me a new one. I did check and the cartridge is tight but I’ll maybe see if my hub can do the next one. Hopefully he won’t push too hard and the ink splatter everywhere lol.


  7. Ross says:

    That was really interesting to see the way your worked. Personally, I would have got to step 2 and thought I had really messed up and tossed it… because I would have thought that I couldn’t get to the final from there… so, I have learned something.
    BTW, did you know that Martin 16 is a series of guitars made by CF Martin & Co?


    • The funny thing is that every time I get to step 2 I want to toss the painting as well. But I carry on and sometimes it turns out ok.
      And I had no idea about Martin guitars. They look quite beautiful.


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