There’s nothing more vibrant than a field of canola in bloom. I was visiting a friend who moved to a house in an agricultural area and this is what I could see from her back deck. If I lived there, I’d paint that view and the vast sky just about every day. This was sketched on some Canson paper left over from my Craftsy course preparation — long strips of paper that are perfect for little landscapes.


9 Comments on “Canola”

  1. newberytrish says:

    So glad you made a craftsy course! It’s wonderful! Do you think you will be making another trip down to the west coast or maybe Alberta for a workshop sometime soon?


  2. Ross says:

    This one is so easy on my eye. I like the fact that there is no definite focus calling for attention… just three layers on the ground and a few more layers in the sky. BTW, I really like that simple sky!


  3. Monique says:

    There is a field of sunflowers in Les Cèdres..they make sunflower oil..the fields are beautiful when in bloom:)

    It’s tricky parking and getting down ..but I you could too..

    Lovely Shari!


  4. Lee Kline says:

    Beautiful. In England, where we just came from, the Rape (yes) crop is about to flower. Gorgeous yellow fields.


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