June was such a busy month, filled with workshops and Urban Sketcher events, and I still haven’t posted some paintings from my recent trip to Rockport, Mass. I painted this one at the end of the day facing the breakwater at the end of Bearskin Neck. I probably started to paint around 5 pm and by the time I finished it was near 7 and quite chilly. At day’s end all the tourists walk along the rocks of the breakwater, and I suppose the cormorant likes to watch them because he sat there for a very long time. Painted on Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper, 22″ x 15″.


18 Comments on “Cormorant”

  1. trevor travis says:

    This painting is a beauty: serene, restrained and full of a beautiful, delicate evening light. The sky is fantastic and there is just so much to look at and take in. It must have been wonderful seeing the light slowly disappearing from this lovely scene

    • It was a very special scene to witness Trevor because the light on that evening was exceptionally clear. I didn’t realize just how cold I was until I went inside and then it took me hours to warm up.

  2. Absolutely beautiful … A real gem. The composition, the intensity of the colours, the light and shadows. A real keeper. Congratulations.

  3. SusanA says:

    What a lovely evening you’ve captured. I love the water and all the areas of light and shadow. Such a beautiful painting!

  4. And the few words help a lot to set the scene and time.

  5. I see the white left on the page around the rocks. I can only think of three ways to do that: leave it white, scratch the paper with an exacto knife, or paint something on the page before hand that can be taken off later to leave the paper white. How did you achieve that affect in this painting?

    • Hi Richard. I don’t generally use frisket and I rarely scratch the paper. Those are the original whites of the paper. With good planning, when you know what you want to leave white, I prefer the results to using any type of resist.

      • Thank you. It looks great. Yeah. I agree. The secret to watercolor is definitely planning, which is why I am always amazed at the paintings that look free and gestured.

  6. This is beautiful! More than anything I love your complete control over the rocks in the foreground. Painting rocks/rocky mountains is so difficult. Right up there with tree barks! 🙂

  7. wuauuuu c’est tellement jolie! Bravo Shari!

  8. yashnaraigudiya says:

    This painting is a beautiful piece of art. Made my day :’)

  9. mysiteexists says:

    This is wow!

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