With the right light

With the right light something really mundane can become extraordinary. I pass by this cell tower all the time. It’s flanked by nondescript brick buildings, and on most days it’s an eyesore in the neighbourhood. Today, with the late day light, it was magical — full of interesting shapes, strong patterns and dazzling contrasts. But this type of light changes fast. I spent less time on the drawing than usual and then rushed to paint it before the sun dropped below the buildings behind me. In fact, you can see the proof at the bottom of the sketch where my hand smudged the wet foreground shadow.


6 Comments on “With the right light”

  1. Kamaraka says:

    Great drawing indeed, full of contrast, colourful !!!
    But not only a good light is need, a very good hand aslo 😉


  2. joantav says:

    The lighting makes this!!! Great job!


  3. You are the only artist I know who can turn a smudge into a reflective puddle and a crosswalk into a stairway to heaven. The minute I opened up your blog I was drawn to the railing and the bold white cell tower. At the risk of sounding redundant, bravo Shari!


    • Thanks John. It is a funny overpass. It’s for pedestrians only so it’s very narrow. I finally figured out what this grouping of buildings reminds me of. It’s like the lighthouse I painted in Gloucester. Big white tower surrounded by little red buildings.


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