I’ve been using quite a bit of single sheet Fluid 100 paper lately but I’ve never tried the original Fluid cold pressed paper (the blocks with the orange cover, which are not 100% cotton like the sheets). This little block is the same dimension as my current sketchbook (8″ x 8″) which is a great size when I don’t have time for a full painting. It’s not a very textured surface but it has great colour saturation, which for me means that the pigment doesn’t disappear into the paper, and when it dries it’s just as bright as when wet. That’s important. It seems to take a beating too. I went over the forest floor foreground in this sketch many times and just kept building up the texture with no loss of paint to the layers below (that sometimes happens on cheaper papers.) The other nice thing about this paper is the wide variety of formats available, including a very wide one which is great for panoramas. I know blocks are more expensive that cutting up sheets but sometimes you just want the convenience of something you can grab and throw in your bag.


10 Comments on “Chalet”

  1. Irene Miller says:

    Beautiful warm and inviting colors, Shari. Congratulations!


  2. joantav says:

    I like your rich colors. I haven’t tried the Fluid blocks, but have been tempted.


  3. Monique says:

    I had not ever even seen them..maybe Hachem..I like the idea of a square..I don’t have any..
    Love the chalet.


  4. Dee says:

    Been wanting someone to show a painting on this paper. Will definitely try this..and I like the variety of sizes! Looks good to me! Thanks!


  5. Tonya says:

    I laughed outloud when I read this, because I took your first Craftsy course on landscapes. I went out and bought the EXACT same paints and palette. Filled them, let them dry COMPLETLEY (I thought), kept my palette upright for days — until the time I didn’t. I opened it and had Cobalt teal and Organic Vermillion EVERYWHERE inside. I’ve managed to use up most of the leaked Vermillion, but am still inundated with the teal. Luckily I’ve discovered the two work beautifully together because they separate a bit with that granulation and I’m doing a lot of made-up color florals. Serendipity at work.


  6. Janine says:

    I decided to give the Fluid 100 140# a try; it’s so nice! I had tried the 300# and really liked it, but it’s a bit heavy to carry around out and about. The 140# in the smaller sizes is perfect. I think it may be my favorite one so far. 🙂 The colors really stay nice and bright after they dry.


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