Beauty or the beasts?

At the grocery store this afternoon everyone was fighting to fill their bags with persimmons because the price was so cheap. I’ve never tried them so I bought a few to eat, but the real motivation was to sketch them first. I got home, unpacked them, set them up on my table and there they were, all orange and shiny and perfect… and totally uninspiring. On the other side of my kitchen was an uneaten pear that had been bumped and bruised in my lunch bag, and a bunch of browning bananas that will inevitably end up in smoothies or some sort of cake. And because decay is more interesting than perfection, I chose to draw the rotting fruit and go directly to eating the persimmons.


12 Comments on “Beauty or the beasts?”

  1. TonyU says:

    Great sketch …. but what were the persimmons like?


    • Thanks Tony. I like them. They have a very delicate flavour, and a texture like an apple but less crunchy. I ate one but still may paint the other two now that the bananas have been dealt with both in paint and in a recipe.


  2. Monique says:

    I like persimmons..they are prettier once sliced..depending on the light…now there’s something interesting:) Some Pyrrol Orange?
    Great bananas and pear!


  3. Christine says:

    Yeah. I can already smell banana bread fresh out of the oven….
    Well done, Shari!


  4. I agree! Perfection can be a bit boring! Hehe…I think you made the perfect choice! This is lovely and full of interest! 😃👍🏻


  5. Good choice of which to paint and which to eat! – glad to hear you liked the persimmons. I love them!


  6. Shari, do you know the Japanese idea ‘wabi-sabi’? The idea that beauty lies in imperfection… fits well here 🙂


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