Isn’t the weather strange in Montreal? Around this date last year, I was painting the snowy view from my window.  But this week it has been eerily balmy (global warming?  El Niño??) and there were some December temperature records broken (warm ones of course). The driver/dog walker in me likes the dry roads, but the painter part of me is longing for the snow to fall. With this muted landscape, I find myself drawn to the complexities of an individual object like a tree, this one painted on a quarter sheet of beautiful Two Rivers paper  — a gift from a sketcher visiting from Yorkshire who painted with our Urban Sketchers Montreal group in September. Thanks again Terry.


34 Comments on “Bare”

  1. Monique says:

    It is eery..first time in a long time baking tourtières with my daughter and husband this this landscape..
    I did however get motivated to drive into the village to thumbnail and then paint.yesterday..
    Love this tree..
    You are such a fine artist.


  2. Ruth says:

    Lovely, what brush do you use for the fine twigs?


  3. andre savard says:

    What a beautifull tree. I like the looks and the détails of the branch. It’s alive even though we know the tree is dormant. Well done Shari.

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  4. Barb Diltz Chandler says:

    A beautiful tree, Shari! Thank you for your regular emails. Yesterday I re-watched your first Craftsy class–I learn something new each time I see it. You’re a wonderful teacher. I noticed again how kind you are to yourself and your work: “i like that” and “that looks good”. Which is another important lesson: to be kind to ourselves and try to quiet the often-persistent inner critic. Thank you!
    Do you ever offer summer workshops in Montreal or in eastern Canada? I live in the Pacific NW, but would love an excuse to travel to Quebec and beyond.


    • Hi Barb,
      I’m so glad to hear that you’re still enjoying the class. It’s funny how you perceive what you see me doing on camera. I am saying one thing but the voice inside my head is saying “This could mess up at any moment, this could be a disaster very soon…” You never know when something bad could happen when you’re filming this stuff. Luckily it managed to come out well, I think. And I do appreciate your feedback.

      I do sometimes offer workshops in Montreal. This summer I may be in the Boston area and also in the Burlington, Vermont area. If there are any open spots I will post them on my blog. Are you on my mailing list? I always send out an advance notice to people on that list.



  5. Alberta says:

    Breathtaking tree!!


  6. Love your tree…..especially that his little root is coming out to take a walk. Lovely work.


  7. Nancy says:

    Love “Bare”. Love how you didn’t bother with a background. Perfect!

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  8. Love all the colours in the tree, and the texture of the paper!


  9. Catherine Johnson says:



  10. Ross says:

    Beautiful. Isn’t it great that so many trees are asymmetrical? It makes them such interesting art subjects.


    • Thanks Ross. After I painted this I was tempted to do a whole series of trees. At this time of year, with no snow on the ground, the landscape is very dull and the trees are the best subjects out there.


  11. Jeff Gold says:

    Really beautiful. Trees have always been my favorite subject since they are so individual. Leaving the white background and providing just a minimal diagonal base at the bottom give it a very oriental feel. The color and deft handling or details are really masterful. I can wait for the snow. The winter will last long enough!


    • Thanks for your kind comments Jeff. I was going to paint a whole street scene but that tree was so beautiful that I left the rest out. Still no snow in the forecast anytime soon. I guess it must be the same in Vermont.


  12. Lee Kline says:

    To me, an old retired graphic designer, this is a page that begs for text. Stunning.


  13. joantav says:

    I love all the shade in your tree! I find the scenes are more interesting with snow too, but we’ve had temps in the 60s the past few days. I’m noticing buds where there shouldn’t be.


  14. mysiteexists says:

    It’s toooooooo gooooood!!


  15. Peggy Aare says:

    Do I see Cobalt Teal? What an unexpected color contrast


  16. mysiteexists says:

    Reblogged this on Mysiteexists.


  17. Charlie says:

    Wonderful ❣️


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