Park here, paint that

I’m not sure why this is, but every time I choose to  paint from my car, there’s light snow falling which makes it difficult to look out the front window. I end up turning to my left and painting what I see out the (drier) side window. I don’t really care what I draw — I just want to draw something during the short time I havebut that can frequently leave me with some strange subjects in my sketchbook, or at least some oddly cropped views. I liken this one to painting the model from the knees down. I could see a bit of old house, a bit of old tree, a bit of foreground, and not much else. With closeup views like this, ink and wash work better than watercolour alone, no doubt because of the varied surface textures. Drawn with a Platinum Carbon pen on Fluid watercolour paper.


41 Comments on “Park here, paint that”

  1. Monique says:

    I have the pen..the paper..
    not..the talent.
    Wow.As always.


  2. Jean A Paterson says:

    This vignette reminds me so much of Montreal. I am a transplant to Winnipeg, a pleasant city, but I do miss Montreal!


    • Yes, this is very “Montreal”. It even has a typical outside staircase. I sketched it in Villeray right near the Jean Talon Market. I’m not sure how long ago you left Montreal but Villeray has become very gentrified in recent years and now there are plenty of beautiful cafes and stores in the neighbourhood, not to mention the ones at the market.


  3. Jodi says:

    so awesome!


  4. Mary says:

    I like it!


  5. Louise Boyer says:

    Very well done Shari, really like the cast iron, and all the texture you put in this sketch


  6. Toni Pratley says:

    Love the composition


  7. Tony says:

    This one is SO cool!
    I love the ordinariness of this…..the “everyday matters” in Montreal.
    You always inspire me 👍👍👍


    • Well thank you Tony. I love painting the everyday stuff in the neighbourhoods. If I can find a parking spot! It’s not always that easy in Montreal in winter because it really depends on when the snow plows go by.


  8. Barry Hollingshead says:

    I marvel at your ability to capture and compose with any vista!



  9. This is fantastic, Shari! I love the crop! Everything there to get a sense of place, but even more intriguing for what’s missing. Really nice! I like your side window. 😉👍🏻


    • Thanks Charlie. The side window is my new friend during rainy and snowy days. A friend of mine wondered why I didn’t mention the outdoor staircase, which is a real feature of Montreal houses. I guess I felt it was too hidden to really talk about, plus I want to go back there and sketch the staircases on another day.

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  10. I like it very much. The details tell a lot about the local architecture.


  11. Chas Spain says:

    My dear aunt took me out when I was about 12 and we used to paint scenes while sitting in the car – I haven’t done that for ages but it’s a great idea to do that again


  12. monique says:

    hi Shari , for this sketch , you could have the perfect title ………to be an addict … or not to be
    and of course you are ONE !!!!I love this piece of pavement, tree, grass and all the little fragents !! well done as always


  13. andre says:

    Shari, you have a way with old threes. Love it.


  14. TonyU says:

    Not sure I know any models who look as good from the knees down as this sketch does! And can’t help thinking that tree is looking right back at you with its one eye.


  15. Mary McLaughlin says:

    I’m stunned – something so ordinary made to look so magnificent – bravo!


  16. You can do so much with the small view you get!!!


  17. Eleanor Segal says:

    So beautiful! I love how you paint. So alive!!! So inspiring!


  18. Sheila Roote says:

    Hi Shari, it’s been great receiving your regular postings and so much fun anticipating what you’ve painted or sketched as I click on your emails. Thank you, your everyday sketches and paintings are inspiring both as artwork and to take up the pencil, pen or brush everyday myself.

    I do have a couple of questions about materials. What do you use to carry everything around in and how big a bag (?) is it. More specifically, how do you carry your brushes around and keep them safe? I’m always struggling with trying to keep my sketch/paint kit small enough to easily bring along and have my favourite brushes etc w/o worrying about crumpling those precious hairs.




  19. Tonya says:

    Okay that tree is fabulous! All the textures, really. The brick, small amount of grass poking through. I’m not much of an urban sketcher, but I love this little piece you did! Very inspirational. Thanks for the encouragement to sit and sketch what one sees. You are obviously quite good at it. 🙂


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