Factor’s walk 

Factor’s Walk is a little bit of Savannah history. All along the riverfront you’ll find a row of tall brick buildings that formerly housed the Cotton Exchange, which included warehouses for the cotton and offices for the brokers (factors). These structures, sometimes as high as six stories, are built on a bluff and descend to the riverfront. Steel walkways connect the buildings to the bluff and the rest of the city. My favourite part of the journey down to the river and the Factor’s Walk is by any one of a number of steep staircases that each come with a warning sign: Historic Steps – descend at your own risk. There’s an elevator that you can take – no doubt a recent addition – but then you would miss the view under the walkways and the cobblestones that were brought to Savannah as ballast and left on the shore by departing ships. 


14 Comments on “Factor’s walk ”

  1. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Fantastic image! Terrific composition that leads the eye into painting. Very impressive. Thanks for posting.
    Frank B


  2. Alice Webb says:

    I’m enjoying the bright colors you are using here compared to your winter-at-home color palette. Both lovely, but great contrast.


  3. Alison says:

    Loving your take on Savannah. I told you you’d find lots to sketch. I found the Factors Walk fascinating, including the stairs! Your sketch captures the truly unusual structures and patterns of light an shadow.


    • Thanks Alison. I went looking for this because of your recommendation! I’m guess I would have found it on my own but it was nice to have your notes. Fascinating history here. And loved the visit to the Owens house too.


  4. What a wonderful sketch attached to a really interesting piece of city history. Great stuff. I don’t know if you will be travelling in the area at all, but you would also find Charleston a wonderful place to sketch. If you get there, don’t miss looking at Rainbow Row. It’s a cliche of the city, but it Is Wonderful to see all the colours on the houses.


    • Thanks Jess. We won’t have time to see Charleston on this trip because I’ll be giving a workshop starting tomorrow. I’ll have to plan another trip to see more of the south. Loving it so far!


  5. Tim Mancusi says:

    Very nice. I would never even attempt such a composition.
    But you do and, as always make it work.


    • I don’t really know if this works Tim. It’s such a strange composition, like looking into a pit. But the story of the place was so interesting that I sketched it anyway. It wasn’t that nice looking from above so I picked the below view instead, knowing that it may be hard to “read”. Thanks for writing!


  6. Louise Boyer says:

    Wow…the light, the colors…we really can feel what beautiful day it was!


  7. Doug Noren says:

    I’m loving the brightness of the colors! The colors seem to sit right up on top of the paper! Is it a hot press paper?

    As usual, great sketch!



  8. I knew exactly where this was the moment I saw it! I love it!


  9. joantav says:

    You’ve captured the Savannah charm perfectly! Lovely!!


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