Canadian Thanksgiving recipe

Recipe for painting ornamental gourds
Remove gourds from mesh bag.
Scatter carefully on cloth while trying to create appearance of randomness.
Light from side or above to pick up shiny highlights.
Freshen up paint in palette, paying special attention to fill wells of New Gamboge, Shadow Green and Spring Green.
Paint from light to dark, leaving occasional highlights and adding fresh paint in wet areas where necessary. Rinse brush and repeat with each gourd.
Create shadow colour from leftover paint on palette.
Mix Cerulean Blue into leftover paint of previous leftover paint on palette, and paint background.
Add extra highlights with gel pen.
Dry thoroughly before scanning.


38 Comments on “Canadian Thanksgiving recipe”

  1. Norma says:

    I bought a bag of fall gourds with the same idea but my painting looked nowhere near as nice as yours. They look so real and I love the glints of highlights!


  2. Vicky Porter says:

    These are lovely and so fresh looking! Thanks for the recipe, too:)


  3. Liliane Partikian says:

    They look gorgeous….I will definitely try your recipe….thanks


  4. Brilliant……thank you.


  5. Barbara Beynon says:

    You’ve described a very charming process as well as having created a specific portrait of autumn.


  6. SusanA says:

    Thanks for the recipe. This looks yummy!


  7. Beautiful painting have to try the recipe have a wonderful Thanks Giving


  8. Jeff Gold says:

    Another successful recipe! All the ingredients come together to make a very tasty delight. Thanks, as always, for another beautiful (and nutritious) creation. Have a great Thanksgiving.


  9. Mary Duncan says:

    Shari I am so in awe of your work !!🤗 I especially loved today’s ” Canadian Thanksgiving ” . I guess it is partly because I am a transplanted “Alberta” girl here in the USA 🤔 Wish you gave workshops down here in Arizona !!! I love painting but nothing I do would even be allowed in a room with yours ! I have done mostly oils but just love doing a little dabbling in w/c which I is my very favorite to look at !! Keep these internet shows going !


  10. Mary says:

    Shari – I actually sighed out loud in astonished pleasure when I saw this painting! I love all of it and am grateful to you for sharing your paint colors and process. When I stop at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday I’m definitely going to get some gourds. These rock!


  11. linder322 says:

    What a delicious recipe in every way…composition, colors and instructions to try on our own!
    Thanks Shari.


  12. Judy Sopher says:

    Still lives are one of my favorites and you do these as well as your scenes. Great colors. But–now you have brought up new colors I don’t have–must buy more!! Lovely painting.


  13. Lin says:

    GREAT painting, Shari! Would you mind talking a bit about the greens you used here — where they’re from and what colors they are? They look great!


  14. rosjenke says:

    And then sit back and enjoy!


  15. Monique says:

    I love the step by step..:) And the paintings..


  16. Donna says:

    Great recipe!!!


  17. Lovely painting…thanks for sharing your recipe.


  18. Linda Murray says:

    Thanks Shari for your painting recipe. Love everything about this! How appropriate for this time of year!! What is the gel pen that you use for highlights? I have been looking for a water based white Sharpie pen for this, but no luck so far. Thanks for any info! 😊


  19. I’ve done some gourds lately, but mostly in pen and colored pencil. Time to follow the recipe I guess…


  20. Deborah Nolan says:

    Dear Shari – just enjoyed looking through several of your lovely posts and seeing your sketches. Your post showing you painting in the car was wonderful. Inspires me to give this a go as well. Hope you have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving.


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