What makes a corner view so much more interesting than painting a facade? I’ve been thinking about that today because I always seem to seek out corners to sketch. I’m not always lucky enough to find a parking spot with a corner view, though, because you have to be in a place where someone can’t park in front of you. The best spots are directly behind bus zones because the fines for stopping there are quite high so people rarely double park in them. But back to corners…

I love corners because:
• They give me the opportunity to practice perspective, and you can never have enough of that
• They provide ways to break up the composition into foreground, middle ground and background, and allow you to include close and distant objects, which help with scale
• They give you light on two sides of a structure, and even on a cloudy day there is usually a light and a dark side of building, whereas a facade is almost always bathed in the same light unless there are cast shadows.

Here are some other corners I like sketching: Corner of Sixth, Corner of 9th, Corner of Ste. Marie.



18 Comments on “Corners”

  1. anne farmer says:

    It gives a very pleasing 2:1 composition.


  2. joantav says:

    There is something about seeing the view around the other side that gives such charm to this sketche…and I checked out the others that you posted too. Lovely piece!


  3. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for being such an excellent teacher!


  4. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and i always either learn something brand new or come away with new perspective (no pun intended).


  5. linder322 says:

    You always do such a great job depicting signs without being too detailed. And the colors in the sky are beautiful! Gray skies are all we’ve been seeing in Portland for months on end it seems!
    Bring on spring!


    • I can’t echo that thought enough Linda. I am ready for spring. Today we had another cold blast of winter wind and snow. Ugh. I am waiting for those bulbs I planted last fall to pop through the ground.


  6. Excellent…



  7. rosjenke says:

    I really enjoy the notes with your blog. You always have a little gem or tip to share. Thank you.


  8. Lee Kline says:

    You take the ordinary and turn it into a treasure.


  9. Judy Sopher says:

    I enjoy both your corners and your facades. They often remind me of the city neighborhoods I grew up in. I think the small bits of shapes and color are fascinating. The reds draw one’s eye around. It was your class on sketching and painting the city that got me back into painting and I will forever be grateful.


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