East and west sides of Bishop

If you live in Montreal and haven’t visited the new wing of the Museum of Fine Arts, get yourself down there. No only will you see lots of new galleries including some of contemporary art, but there’s also a multi-level open space with views along Bishop St. and plenty of places to sit and draw. We had our monthly Urban Sketchers Montreal outing there today, and probably our biggest turnout ever. Besides the sketchers, it seemed like half of Montreal was visiting the museum and the blockbuster Chagall show that is on as well. Walking through the new wing I noticed crowds of young people looking at the art —which might be in part because there was free admission today — but nevertheless it made me really happy to see what a vibrant place our museum has become.


I sketched two views looking down Bishop St., one detailed pen and wash view and one looser one with no preliminary drawing where I just had fun drawing shapes with the brush.


24 Comments on “East and west sides of Bishop”

  1. wow! I like both sketches but my favorite is the free brush drawing. Tell me; how often do the Urban Sketchers meet? and do you have an email mailing to let people know when and where you are meeting? While it is unlikely i could get there, I’d still love to be on such list. One never knows what might be possible!


    • Hi Holly, We meet on the fourth Sunday of each month, except for December. We have a blog so if you subscribe you will see where the outings are. Just add your email to the “follow” list and you’ll get our posts. We often have visiting sketchers join us. We just had someone here from Florida, we have had visitors from the UK, we often have people from upstate New York. Here is the USk Montreal blog: https://urbansketchersmontreal.wordpress.com
      We are also very active on our Facebook group.

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  2. Bernadette says:

    I too love the freedom of the washes without an initial drawing prior. Both are wonderfully done but my favorite remains with #2. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Marc Lépine says:

    So beautiful,… as usual ! Bravo Shari ! It was great to meet your friend from Florida. What a funny guy ! Invite him often !


    • It was great to see you Marc. So glad you like my friend John. He had a great time with the group and I will pass along the message to him that he should join us more often.


  4. Interesting to see the different approaches. The loose one works really well. That color scheme is a favorite of mine.


  5. gaelle1947 says:

    Love’em both! Very interesting how you rendered the first sky with mixtures of yellow ochre and what looks like a bit of paynes’ gray….and the way those washes faded out in pinkish shades. Really effective! Wonderful counterpoints with the buildings on the right with similar shades. Makes my mouth water….such delicious effects!


    • Glad you like them. It was fun for me too, to try both approaches. I suppose I could have found another place in the museum to sketch but I was with a friend and he sketched all day from there so I just hung out in that spot. It was so crowded that day and this was a relatively quiet area.


  6. Birte says:

    Thank you for sharing, love them both, but number 2 is my favorite. Love to join the Urban Sketchers, perhaps next time?


  7. Rebecca says:

    Wow, I love these vibrant sketches. Two different approaches, two very appealing results. Montreal eh? Maybe one day… 🙂


  8. Wendy cutting says:

    I really like these blocks of flats with dark windows. Much enjoyed your snow paintings too. The craftsy course you gave on the Flatirons has left me painting mountains all the time! Thank you.


  9. rosjenke says:

    Wonderful both of them but I love the shapes and abstractness of the brush sketch.


  10. tassieDi says:

    Love both, but the looser one really jumps.


  11. Gil Zarins says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of architecture, great execution of perspective, beautiful results for both! You must have been satisfied and spent.


    • Hi Gil, I wasn’t that happy with my drawing, actually. I think everything looks a little wonky. I always find high rises so hard to draw and I guess because of my glasses, everything has a slight curve to it. But I appreciate your comments.


  12. Monique says:

    Well I love both,but the detaisl in that first one..unreal.I hope they offered you a gallery:)

    My frind Nancy has been twice to the Chagall show..she loves him so much.she is also an artist.


  13. joantav says:

    Both are really great. The first one has such lovely detail and I just love the way you handled the glass in the far blue building. Great job on painting the second one directly in watercolor. I’ve tried that and it isn’t so easy. Glad to hear the museum has become so popular.


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