Town of Rockport

Painting the busy Rockport harbour is hard enough on a still day but today I was fighting the wind. My right hand held the brush and my left was on the painting, but that’s what makes plein air painting so thrilling. You never know when the whole easel will topple or the painting will fly into the water. There’s lots more painting to come this week but wanted to post the first one along with a link to the terrific website The Other Cape. I am honoured to have been interviewed by Patrick Mitchell about why I love to paint in Cape Ann. Very timely article Patrick! Thanks so much. 

13 Comments on “Town of Rockport”

  1. TonyU says:

    Great article Shari. A pleasure to read and look at. Your love of the place comes through in all those beautiful paintings. Hope you and Spyro have a great break.

  2. Donna Thibodeau says:

    Really enjoyed the article about Camp May and the chance to see more of you fantastic artwork.

  3. Absolutely a fantastic painting. You really captured the mood. Congrats on the article, very nice.
    Keep those wonderful paintings coming.

  4. gaelle1947 says:

    Gorgeous paintings and wonderful interview! I followed the link to Edgar Whitney’s tribute website and was delighted to find out that Elliot O’Hara had influenced his style. Years ago I took a watercolor portraiture workshop with Phoebe Flory (Mount Vernon) who had taught with Mr. O’Hara and later on passed on his techniques in her own school. Fascinating to see these great teachings kept alive through several generations of artists!

  5. Stunning painting! I love love love it. 😃

  6. Jane Pfeiffer says:

    Wonderful painting!

  7. Bernadette says:

    Oh, how I LOVE this painting. There is no indication that it was painted though difficult winds when your arms struggled to hold on to the board and brush. It is sooooo well done. Magnificent. Such a wonderful gift you have! I appreciate all your share in visuals and in the telling of the many events surrounding each work. Your blogs are a joy to read and candy for my eyes.

  8. You really know how to capture the essence of the place. I love your paintings.

  9. Dottie Aiken says:

    I love how you’ve continued to “discover” the surroundings of Rockport. Your paintings are beautiful and I love studying them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Linda Murray says:

    I’m in awe, Shari. So very detailed, but still ” loose” This is gorgeous.

  11. Judy Sopher says:

    I read the story of your work by Patrick Mitchell. Your paintings are just gorgeous. I almost cried reading about your feelings of the coast because the Maine Coast is a great love of mine.This collection of your work is just amazing. Would love another book.

  12. DiniAlice says:

    What a nice interview article. Fun to read.

  13. Joan Ta says:

    Loved the article! Plein air painting can be a challenge…but I agree that is what makes it so interesting. Great job on the harbor and all the buildings beyond the parked cars on the wharf.

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