Rockport repetition

Part of what I love about my stay in Rockport is that right from my door I have subjects to sketch. I watch the tide come in and out of the harbour, I have a great view of the whole town and of course there’s a pile of lobster traps just waiting to be painted.

When I see opportunities for repeating objects in a sketch, I leap at the chance to include them. The three layers of wall, traps and town illustrate perfectly what I mean. For this sketch, I did no preliminary pencil drawing. The shapes are simple enough to go straight to brush. I started with the yellow traps, varying the shapes and colours as I went along by adding a little green and a bit of red as I painted from left to right. That colourful mass is sandwiched between two more neutral grey shapes — the silhouette of the town and the slightly darker stone wall in the foreground. When the first big shapes are dry I add the details with a finer brush — the lines that define the stones, the holes in the traps and a few details on the houses. Sketched on Fluid 100 CP paper.




15 Comments on “Rockport repetition”

  1. nsgoldberg says:

    Shari….thank you so much for sharing your process. It is really informative and helpful. Beautiful sketch !

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  2. Birte says:

    Love your “easy” style. Appreciate you give details of how you did your painting. Helpful for a beginner…….


  3. Love it! So beautiful.


  4. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for story, the telling of how this painting came to be. How it was painted allows us to understand better the beauty of your work in word and paint.


  5. It would be challenging and fun if any of us where asked to guess and narrate the way the sketches came along like in the content description.


  6. Wendy Berube says:

    I’m enjoying this Rockport collection so much! I am hoping to take a weekend trip for my birthday and you have inspired me to visit Rockport! Can you recommend lodging and possible restaurants? I am about an hour away.
    Also, I just finished your Craftsy classes and have learned so much. You are a wonderful artist and teacher. Hoping to take a workshop with you some day!


    • Hi Wendy,
      You will love Rockport! I cook and stay at a private home so I don’t have any advice but I sure can tell you where to paint. Anything around Rockport or Gloucester, especially around the harbours is extremely scenic! Have a great time!


  7. joantav says:

    Great view of the lobster traps and the stone wall! Just enough detail.


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