Patient Alice

Alice is very patient while I experiment with art materials from the gift bags that participants and instructors received at the USk symposium in Chicago. I never try these things out at the event — no time for experimentation on site. But when I get home, it’s so much fun to play.

Today, while Alice waited, I found a tiny sample pad of Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media paper along with a big fat 9B water-soluble graphite stick from Lyra. A wonderful duo, as it turns out. The paper is creamy, slightly textured and perfect for quick drawings. It takes a light wash well too. And with the sharpened Lyra graphite stick you can make thin marks to obtain soft grey washes, or very thick lines that release into the deep black washes. Definitely a combo I will use again.


12 Comments on “Patient Alice”

  1. Ineke van den Berg says:

    I am sure that she is just very content to have you at home. The best reason of all for Alice to be patient and relaxed.


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Excellent drawings. I see you also draw Alice while sleeping. Is there any other way? I’m not good at catching dogs in motion.


  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for these. My grand-dog died in April. I always look forward to drawings of Alice.


  4. hilda5462 says:

    Lovely dog, Lovely pictures, Shari, I’m fond of drawing my cats when they sleep too! 🙂


  5. miatagrrl says:

    Alice is so sweet! And you make any medium look great! But now you’ve inspired me to dig that Lyra 9B out of my bag. I had fun with the Stillman & Birn toned paper samples and the General’s pastel chalk pencils while I was still in Chicago. I like the toned paper a lot and will be buying some of those new Nova books.

    – Tina


  6. Chris Rusk says:

    Alice knows how to hold a pose. These are great!


  7. lovely warm feel to these


  8. Reblogged this on books by sherri winston and commented:
    Beautiful, sparse and inspirational.


  9. Lovely feel to the sketches of Alice napping. Glad you tried out some of the swag. I just transferred it out of my suitcase. I’ll have to find time to play with some of it.


  10. Suzanne says:

    I love it! And the less-is-more you employ when Alice is your model brings out the je-ne-sais-quoi…beauty, purity, perfection, and your love? A moment when time stands still and we get to see and share it in all its ⬆️.

    The way you write and share in your posts Shari, I feel like I am enjoying a special friendship. Like most fans, I will likely not have an opportunity to meet you. Nonetheless, you are a gift to our world. I hope somebody gives you a big hug for me! LOL😄

    1 of many who delight in receiving your emails.
    Merci infiniment,


  11. Barbara says:

    This is gorgeous. And so is the waiting Alice.


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