Page one

This is back to school week for me (classes start in the middle of August at my school!) so it’s time to switch gears. To go from having long days to paint and sketch to trying to squeeze in some sketching minutes between classes or on my commute to and from school. Coincidentally today also marked the start of a new sketchbook. A fresh page. A clean slate. My journey into town this morning to pick up some frames led me through Park Extension, and with a bit of time to spare before class, I cracked open the sketchbook and painted a typical entranceway that you might see on any one of a number of streets in the neighbourhood. A fitting way to start the school year and the book, I guess.


21 Comments on “Page one”

  1. Soni says:

    Beautiful – what Sketchbook is this one ?

    Your grays are so colorful or just the right neutrals to show off great colors


  2. SusanA says:

    Looks like a very interesting neighborhood, full of character. I love the aqua wall and the complementary awning.


  3. Looks familiar. I love the detail on the bike. Great energy and colour in this sketch. Glad you got some sketching in today!


  4. Sheila Roote says:

    Lovely sketch Shari. After your post Urban Sketcher Symposium time and sharing some of the materials you received. I’m wondering if you can tell us what type of sketchbook you have just started?


    • HI Sheila. Thanks so much for writing. This sketchbook is a Handbook Watercolour Journal. I’ve been using this for years because the paper is great for watercolour sketches. It takes an ink line well and it is thick enough for a fair bit of wash too.


  5. raghulam says:

    Beautiful ❤ I hope you find Some free Time to paint 🤗


  6. That’s a nice way to open a book.. and a new term at school. I’ll miss your larger paintings from the summer, but I love how you squeeze in roadside scenes into your school-days.


  7. Carol Cooney says:

    I really look forward to your posts. You have such a creative style of watercolor painting.


  8. Mary King says:

    You always make my day. You take a mundane subject and turn it into something beautiful! Thank you.


  9. Dee Ludwg says:

    Very symbolic. Even the beginning and end of the cars! And a new door to open with new classes and students, signifying the new opportunities…and the new book. Have a great school year.


  10. Janine says:

    I love starting a new sketchbook! So much so that I can never finish one before starting a new one so I usually have a few going at the same time. I can’t believe it’s already back to school time, for the schools in the US, too. Summer always goes way too fast, but from your blog it looks like you enjoyed a fun and productive one. 🙂 I really like all the little details on this sketch, all those dots and dibs and dabs of color that make the eye dance from one area of the sketch to the next.


    • I love starting a new sketchbook too. So much promise on those blank pages. I can’t complain about my summer. It was filled with great travel. My problem is that I don’t want it to end! Hope you are well too.


  11. joantav says:

    It may be a “typical entranceway” but in your hands it is a lovely painting. I love how you find a bit of time in your hectic school schedule to do a painting.


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