In order of importance

There’s a long list of things I want (and need) to do this afternoon — sketch, walk the dog, get to the gym, do some grading, buy a few things for dinner — all this before heading off to a meeting tonight. Needless to say, the procrastinator in me is putting off grading for later. Plus, it’s a perfect September day, so why not take advantage of this and sketch while the weather is good.

Alice, on the other hand, thinks that going to the park should take precedence. She sits nearby while I start my sketch. Then plants herself in front of the wheelbarrow. Then drops a ball at my feet. And finally digs up an old bone out of the dirt so she can annoy me with the sound of the gnawing. I sketch her too.AliceWheelbarrow


19 Comments on “In order of importance”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Love the value study of the wheelbarrow! So, did Alice convince you to take her for a walk….I would assume yes. Animals have a way of reaching our hearts.


  2. Soni McFarland says:



  3. Judy Sopher says:

    Aha-the wheelbarrow is back. A walk in the park beats the gym, for sure.


  4. Oh, Shari, you are sooo wise!


  5. LOL Seeing the wheelbarrow is like seeing a good friend. Glad you got to do what was on your list.


  6. Mary says:

    Shari – I LOVE your wheelbarrow – it’s amazing what you can do with one color. I’ve been very frustrated lately in my painting so I think I’ll go back to using one color – indigo – is that what you used here? You really caught the light and turned a plain old wheelbarrow into a thing of beauty! You continually uplift and inspire me both in your painting and in your writing.


    • Mary, this is Payne’s Grey. I love painting in a single colour likes this. Thinking simply about values and not colour is a great exercise in really looking. Give it a try sometime. I do this in workshops often as well.


  7. Julana says:

    It is amazing how you capture the light.


  8. Chris Rusk says:

    That wheelbarrow gets better and better in any colour. Love the wheel treads in this one especially. They endure.

    Related but unrelated:
    Save marking for early the next morning when everything is fresh again?


    • HI Chris. Thanks for the suggestion. When I have a day off I do get my grading done early in the morning. But I also have lots of early morning classes so that leaves no time for grading in the a.m. But on the weekends I always do my grading in the morning because I want to get it over with!!


  9. Trevor Travis says:

    The light going across this sketch is so beautiful and captivating. To have the same light going across Alice in the same post so heartwarming.


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