These boots

What is it about boots (and shoes) that makes them so challenging and yet so much fun to draw? For me the challenge is always to make sure they come out looking like a matching pair, and that they don’t look like they belong on two left feet. The part I love the best is drawing the patina of the leather, the dark insides, and the contours they have taken on from being worn over a period of time. I have sketched many a pair in watercolour, but there is something very special about taking the time to render them in pencil on a creamy paper that has a bit of texture.



2 Comments on “These boots”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Beautifully rendered drawing. Your drawings show such attention to details of size, texture and form. Lovely.


  2. Your shading with the pencil really plays up the shine of the boots. Lovely job!


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