Late to the party

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers, and all over the world sketchers from regional chapters participated in a 24hr sketchwalk. Have a look on Instagram to see the vast range of sketches: #uskglobal24hrsketchwalk2017

Sadly, yesterday I had grading to do and couldn’t get out at all. But this morning I wanted to mark the occasion with a sketch, even if I was alone in my cold car and not in the company of fellow sketchers. I am so grateful to have found my Urban Sketchers family — friends from all around the world who love to sketch on location, and who share their art and knowledge generously. This has enriched my life in more ways than I can express. Thank you Gabi Campanario and happy birthday Urban Sketchers!


11 Comments on “Late to the party”

  1. How lovely to see you return to this allée of trees — winter, spring, summer or fall, you find the magic in this spot…. or rather, you make the magic, Shari.


  2. Katy Evans says:

    And it was because of looking at your paintings online a couple of years ago and finding your blog that I discovered Urban Sketchers – now an important part of my life. Yesterday we were at the Imperial War Museum in London and had a huge , friendly turnout – it’s so good to know that you can travel around the world and find this friendly group of people all keen to sketch and discuss work and materials with afterwards. Who needs mindfulness when you can go out sketching and get the benefits of company too and all for free!


  3. And thank you Shari for all you have done to help and inspire me and my Portland friends to
    be better at it through your blog posts and your classes!


  4. Leslie Blackwell says:



  5. Kirk says:

    Always enjoy your sketches! I can feel the cold in your use of those particular colors.


  6. Ruth Jaeger says:

    My sentiments exactly. Thank you for expressing them so well. And that’s how I discovered you too.


  7. Deborah Nolan says:

    Shari – lovely sketch of the trees. Certainly a wonderful way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing.


  8. joantav says:

    Your color choice really gives a cold feel to this painting. Glad you were able to get out and sketch for the 10th anniversary. We had fun in NYC freezing ourselves. lol


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