The first to go

Last week I bought a grocery store bouquet from the 50% off bin. I like the flowers that are a little bit faded to start. As the bouquet droops I can pick off flowers one by one and paint them as they curl up and die. The roses were the first to go.



24 Comments on “The first to go”

  1. Tylara says:

    absolutely beautiful Shari, would you be willing to give me a rough idea how much time this took 1) to sketch and 2) to paint. The gentle balance of detail and loose painting is lovely.


    • Thanks so much! Sure, this was a pretty quick one. It took my about 10-15 minutes to draw before I walked the dog. When I got back it took about 45 minutes to paint. I painted it on a square of Fabriano CP that is about 12″ x 12″. I was aiming to touch the paper as little as possible with the brush, never going over an area more than twice (mostly in the leaves). I tried a new combo for green today that I like a lot: Prussian Blue and Cadmium Yellow. Makes the perfect green for rose foliage.


  2. Leslie Blackwell says:

    Lovely “memento mori “ theme too!


  3. DiniAlice says:

    Yes, a perfect green. I love the overal ambiance of this painting.


  4. Soni says:

    Beautiful & very well described by Tylara – thanks for green answer – can you say how you got that delicate yellow in rose & table surface ?

    I love how you’re pushing through a cold winter with work like this



    • Soni, it’s hard to get that pale yellow in the rose. I used a combo of Raw Sienna, Cad Yellow and Yellow Ochre, all very diluted. And it was still too yellow so I added the tiniest dab of Winsor Violet, since the complementary colour will reduce the saturation of a colour. Works perfectly for this.


  5. So lovely. One rose and so simple, but so beautiful. Since I don’t seem to do flowers well, I really appreciate this.


  6. Dee Ludwig says:

    Was wondering when we’d get to see your winter flowers!


  7. Bernadette says:

    This post makes me smile….I have a large, potted pontsetia that I have been painting. Many of the flowers have faded and curled up and died. There’s still enough in bloom that capture my attention so, I continue. Your rose is lovely.


  8. I love your paintings and especially the little glimpses into your life that accompany them!


  9. anne farmer says:

    I bet you like tulips for that dessicated turning into silk flowers effect!


  10. Alison says:

    So beautiful! Thanks for the “play by play” info above which serves to illustrate that although the strokes appear gestural and loose, they are each carefully considered and deliberate. Simple beauty is not simple to achieve. You are a master!


  11. sue says:

    Love the subtle colours, Share,
    Note to Bernadette, I love poinsettias and still have 2 pots, I will try, since try try try again makes them better.


  12. joantav says:

    The one rose is so special! Well done!


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