Snow melt

I have to admit it was a relief when it snowed last night. The fresh white stuff covered an awful layer of thick ice that coated our city and made (dog) walking treacherous since last week. I couldn’t wait to get out to paint this morning, while the snow was still fresh and clean. This corner of Avenue Ste. Anne in Pointe Claire is one of my favourite spots for sketching, and just as I started to draw someone came out to shovel the entrance to the restaurant on the left. Perfect timing since a village scene is always better with a little life in it. AvenueSteAnne


14 Comments on “Snow melt”

  1. Another snow scene–I love it. The reflections in the pools of melted snow always fascinate me.

    Where do you park to paint these scenes? Do people ever come out and ask what you are doing? I worry about that here.


    • Thanks Judy. I am parked on the street for this. Seems like I’m in the middle of the street but I’m not. It’s a narrow street. No one usually bothers me when I paint. There was a man shovelling his walk and his driveway right beside me today. He was quite curious, and I saw him walk by at one point and glance into the car. But if people are curious I just show them the painting and smile.


  2. Soni says:

    You say so much with so little shown effort – studying the puddle reflections here is just one of the endless answers your work reveals

    I also want to thank you for answering my question regarding the subtle yellow in your winter rose – you validated many color combo struggles that I kept thinking shouldn’t be so difficult but getting that delicate subtlety has been monumental


  3. joantav says:

    Great job!!! I love that the man came out with his shovel to add the human element to your painting. There is so much in this painting!


  4. I love this one with amazing reflections!


  5. anne farmer says:

    Mrvellous composition, as ever!


  6. Alison says:

    Great drawing!


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