Dog walk

I was out early this morning, sketching a snowy scene in Pointe Claire. I suspect that winter is not entirely over, but as it warms up the snow gradually gets dirtier and the sludge heaps that are left are not very pretty to paint. In the morning I share the street with the dog walkers who look at me suspiciously, parked in my car with a sketchbook resting on the steering wheel. What could I be recording at that hour of the morning, they wonder. Little do they know that it is them.


26 Comments on “Dog walk”

  1. gaelle1947 says:

    Spectacular! Nothing beats watercolor for those clean crisp whites!!!


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Super! You’ve really captured the feel of a cold morning. With 2 dogs-how well I know that morning walk. I know you’re tired of snow and winter but I will miss your snow paintings.


  3. Mary says:

    Shari you made me laugh out loud with your writing about your stealth sketching! I needed that laugh today along with your beautiful colors. You brightened my day as usual!


  4. Alison says:

    Glad you got out early to capture the lovely, but fleeting winter light. It’s snowing again out by me.


  5. Leslie says:

    Awesome colour and shapes!


  6. pamlopez15 says:

    Ohooo! I love this one! I marvel at your many shades of grey! And the way you place your brush strokes! Can’t wait till Mar. 19!


  7. andre savard. says:

    Love the reflecion of the melting snow on the street.


  8. 6 dittos to all the above. I/we love you posts.


  9. tami says:

    Great work!


  10. Bernadette says:

    I especially love the addition of the one bent over shoveling the snow. Thanks for the great painting and notes. Your descriptions add so much to the watercolors you forward to us. Always, they make me smile.


  11. Bernadette says:

    Oops…without glasses I thought the figure in your painting was someone shoveling. Rereading your post, I can “see” someone walking a dog! Oh my.


  12. ChesapkLady says:

    Terrific! I can “feel” that neighborhood, and that “dirty snow” stage. Great capture.


  13. Your winter paintings are my favourite! They are so beautiful and what I look forward to seeing every winter. Thanks for sharing!


  14. joantav says:

    You make the ordinary look so spectacular! I love seeing winter through your eyes.


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