The extras on Wright Square

Savannah is one of my favourite cities and if I had unlimited time I would make it my mission to sketch in each of the 22 historic squares in the old part of the city. Surrounded by elegant homes, inns and houses of worship, each of these squares could be considered the perfect place to sketch because of the numerous benches and the shade from the live oak trees overhead. Last week I only had time to draw in one of them, but it seems that I picked the right (or Wright) square that day. As I discovered after I was part way through my drawing, they were filming a scene from “Gemini Man” in the park. Even after I realized what was going on, I kept on sketching until a production assistant asked me to leave the square. Although I didn’t get to see Will Smith or director Ang Lee, it was pretty cool to watch the action and add a few of the extras into my sketch.


4 Comments on “The extras on Wright Square”

  1. Denise says:

    Shari, I am enamoured as much with Savannah as I am with your paintings! Thanks for sharing your work.


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Never been there but it looks interesting. Looked it up and read it is the most haunted of all the squares.

    Love your painting. and the people you included. And how you used the blue which pulls my eye around the painting.


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