Stood in the woods

I took some liberties with colour today. The woods are still quite monochrome, with just the tiniest bits of moss starting to emerge (as well as a pepperoni pizza that was under the snow) but it’s impossible not to see colour if you stand and observe for a bit. I painted standing up, with my sketchbook in my hand, my palette clipped to the book, and a water container in a bag over my shoulder. A pileated woodpecker knocked on a tree above my head, and in a schoolyard nearby a basketball was dribbled on the ground again and again. I am not the only one who is happy to be outdoors.


15 Comments on “Stood in the woods”

  1. gaelle1947 says:

    ok…now I’m looking for that pizza. Haha! Wonderful plain air experience so well rendered and so well narrated, as usual.


  2. Bernadette says:

    You are exceptionally dedicated to daily sketches. I enjoy your art and narration of all that surrounds you when you take your supplies in hand to paint outdoors. You are able to see beyond the mundane and make both an Interesting composition as well as an amusing story line that brings a smile to many. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thanks Bernadette. You know I enjoy the storytelling almost as much as the writing. So while I paint I try to think about what could make the writing interesting. Luckily the pizza showed up!


  3. Gerri Dauer says:

    Shari, I was looking at your palette of 18 colors, which looks lovely! If you were to travel light with that palette which 6 would you leave off? Thanks!


    • Gerri, if I had to take only 12 it would be this: a warm yellow (New Gamboge) , a cool yellow (Hansa Light), a warm red (Cadmium), a cool red (Alizarin), a cool blue (Ultramarine), a warm blue (Prussian). You can make pretty much everything with those six. To that I would add Cerulean, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Phthalo Green, Quin Rose and maybe Burnt Umber (which is not on that list). You could do a lot with this dozen.


      • Gerri Dauer says:

        Thanks so much Shari! That should narrow me down to a very manageable palette with lots of color options.


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    You have taught me so much about painting trees. This is a good example.

    About piliated woodpeckers-they were sighted all over Grand Forks, ND but I never saw one in 13 years. The day we left, there was a pair in our backyard. Almost hated to leave.


    • I’ve never seen a pair of them but I have seen them many times in our area. They are so huge they almost look unreal. And the knocking sound is extremely loud. But what a treat to spot them.


  5. John Hofman says:

    That looks like a giant pizza box?😊


  6. Alison says:

    The colours are delicious!


  7. Lynn Patten says:

    Another secret of the universe – How can your fabulous work get even better every single day?

    Wow !


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