4-H Camp Overlook

It was a delight to get away last weekend to visit friends in the Adirondacks because I’ve been busy with a rather time-consuming project these days, and sadly, haven’t had much time to paint. Feels like summer is slipping away and school is starting next week, if you can believe that…

On Saturday morning I set up my easel at one of my favourite spots — on their dock which sits on a narrow channel between two lakes. The opposite shore is quite close and dotted with assorted boat houses, included the one from the 4-H camp.

This is one of the most peaceful places I know, especially very early in the morning when the water in the channel is mirror still. It’s usually quiet at that hour too, but I had to stop painting for a few minutes to watch some noisy drama between a family of ducks and a threatening bald eagle swooping down from the sky.

For this painting I was aiming for colour unity so I started with an overall wash of light yellowish green, leaving a few whites on the house and the canoes. As a warm contrast to that, I added patches of orangey brown. I used lots of negative painting for the trees but kept the darks in the same green or brown range. Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough, 15″ x 11″.


36 Comments on “4-H Camp Overlook”

  1. Yorky says:

    Beautifully done Shari, I love your composition.


  2. Rita Cleary says:

    Beautiful! You really captured that peaceful time…


  3. Denise says:

    What a tranquil picture. Thanks for sharing


  4. Tylara says:

    exquisite use of colour


  5. TonyU says:

    Looks beautiful ….. the location and the sketch!


  6. Diane says:

    I absolutely love this piece!!!


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Can feel the quiet. Colors really work. You’ve really traveled this year. Enjoying seeing your paintings of the various places.


  8. Marylin Smith says:

    I love the way you have captured the tranquility and your water always looks so water-like…it’s gorgeous, Shari!


  9. Jeff Gold says:

    Shari, it’s really masterful. The effect of light and the reflections are stunning. And the unity of color definitely comes across. Some change from France and Portugal but just as beautiful.


    • Yes, this place is a little different from where I’ve been in France and Portugal, that’s for sure. After I got home from Portugal I realized I hadn’t sketched one tree while I was there. I guess I was missing the greens. Hope you are well.


  10. Kathy Tremlett says:

    Do you know that is the MiniHaHa cabin at 4H Camp Overlook. I attended several years back in the 60’s. That was the cabin we all wanted.


    • Wow, I can’t believe you went to the camp. I always find it amazing when someone who follows my blog recognizes something I’ve painted. I can certainly see why that was the coveted cabin!


  11. Jean says:

    I am drawn into this scene completely….the “forest primevil, the whispering pines and the hemlocks…” and wish that I were a dragonfly sitting on the side of that boathouse!


  12. brings to mind there’s peace inthe valley


  13. Gil Zarins says:

    Amazing!!! I’d like to hear about how not to get lost while negative painting, for me one of the hardest things in watercolor.


    • Ah, interesting comment Gil. I can plan the values in a painting, but I have to admit that the negative painting is totally intuitive. Add a bit here and a bit there, is sort of how I do it. I couldn’t try to describe the process. And btw, it is a process that is not always successful.


  14. parikhitdutta says:

    This is dreamy!


  15. Gerry says:

    it’s a nuisance when nature gets in the way. Beautiful nevertheless. You are a wonder.


  16. joantav says:

    Even with the complexity of the trees you managed to convey the peace of this spot.


  17. Just stunning! In my younger days I hiked in and around the Adirondaks. Looking at your painting, I could feel the cool of the still water and the fragrance of the sunlit pine needles, congratulations!


  18. ChesapkLady says:

    Shari, your reflections are always great, but this one. . . WOW! I’m particularly looking at the section on the left, where you’ve got that spark of yellow ochre, well. That whole area is amazing. Complexity simplified.


  19. Chris Sutherland says:

    beautiful negative painting!!!!


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