Front view, back view

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting friends who live in a rural area and enjoy splendid views in every direction. Seated on their front porch I sketched a complex scene of barn and parking area. On the drive there we noticed that the trees are already showing the first signs of fall colour which seems odd since it’s been such a warm September in Montreal and it still feels like mid-August.

When drawing a scene like this across a double page in my sketchbook I try to first determine what I want to fit into the sketch. In this case I wanted to get in some of the barn, a tree on either side and a bit of the foreground path leading up to the parking area. If you draw those key elements in lightly with a pencil before getting into more detailed drawing, you are sure you’ll fit in the important shapes. After that you can add the details like rocks, planters, flags, etc.


Just before dusk I painted a second one from the back deck where the view is all open sky and newly ploughed hay fields. After commuting in traffic all week and rushing to get all my schoolwork done, it was a joy to have a few moments where all I had to do was let my eyes wander over the fields and across to the distant trees.BackView

23 Comments on “Front view, back view”

  1. Denise says:

    These pictures seem to reflect the relaxation you must have felt while painting them! Lovely as always.


  2. Excellemnt sketches. JUdith and I drove to Half Moon Bay yesterday, about 35 min from our home in San Francisco. We walked along the bluff overloking the ocean, very relaxing. I sketched one from the top..Glad we re all giving ourselves a break from our hard work..take care, Eileen


  3. Myra says:

    Lovely vista! Love the barn. Bet they love it!!


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    Here’s that word again–lovely. And so interesting. what color is the “pink” of the roof? I think it goes so well with the colors of the painting. Restful color.


  5. ksbeth says:

    how lovely and calming


  6. Anne Albright says:

    So peaceful and relaxing! Thank you for sharing you sense of calm!


  7. Benadette says:

    Love, love, love these sketches….especially the details so expertly done. The barn, trees,cars, wheelbarrow, walkway are beyond wonderful! I suppose I enjoy them so because complex scenes are very challenging to me. You handle them with ease and grace. I smile thinking of your friends watching you paint the scenes they take for granted each day. So glad that you were able to enjoy some time away form the daily bustle and routine of life to enjoy friends and blue skies over fields of green. Thanks for sharing.


  8. joantav says:

    Lovely sketches from the front and the back! How nice to go from your hectic week to a calming location.


  9. Cathy says:

    Bonjour de France, je suis abonnée à vôtre blog, je crois me souvenir, lors d’une lecture d’un de vos commentaires – que vous disiez avoir une amie Chi Maï – j’avais “cliqué” et j’avais trouvé son blog, avec de très belles aquarelles – mais je ne retrouve plus – comment se nomme t elle exactement ? si je ne trompe pas et si , elle est bien vôtre amie ? – en fait son blog n’expliquait pas si, comme vous, elle était professeur, si elle était canadienne – si elle avait une page facebook ? merci, si vous la connaissez – Cathy de France


    • Bonjour Cathy. I will respond in English since that will be easier for me. Thanks so much for following the blog! Of course I know Chi Mai, but I haven’t seen her at any sketch outings in a very long time, and I haven’t seen any posts from her either. Sorry about that. I wish I could help you. I would love to see her beautiful work also. If I hear anything about her I will try to connect both of you.


  10. TonyU says:

    How wonderful to be able to paint like you and to have friends who are happy for you to sketch whilst you’re visiting.


    • Thanks Tony! Actually Alison is a sketcher too so we sketched together. All my friends and family are very understanding. They know I always have a sketchbook with me and I will usually haul it out at gatherings. Can you believe that it will be soon be seven years since I started this blog??


      • TonyU says:

        Can’t think of a better way to share an hour or two with a friend …. at least not one that doesn’t involve the pub! Hope you’re going to be treating yourself to something nice to celebrate the seven year anniversary.


  11. Bev says:

    Such a beautiful setting! You did it great justice Shari!


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