Roasted (and some great news)

On Day 3 of Inktober I probably stretched the meaning of the prompt word Roasted just a bit, but I was at the Jean Talon Market on my lunch hour and saw these squash, all lined up and perfectly labelled. I figure someone is going to roast these eventually, right?

I am loving the high contrast effects I get with India ink, and am still learning a lot about working with it. A few words of advice if you want to use it:

  1. It takes a lot longer than watercolour to dry.
  2. Don’t try to reconstitute dried ink on your palette (I use a plastic plate) because it will just flake.
  3. Wash your brushes well after using the ink, and never use sable brushes for this.


On another note, I am thrilled to mention that my watercolour Blue and Rust won the Carl Schaefer Award at Open Water, the annual show of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. Many thanks to the exhibition judges and organizers for this honour. If you’re in Toronto, the opening reception is tomorrow night at the John. B. Aird Gallery (90 Bay Street) and the show runs until October 26, 2018.


87 Comments on “Roasted (and some great news)”

  1. Jeanine Baker says:

    Congratulations!!! What a beautiful painting, and a well deserved honour. Sincerely, Jeanine ________________________________

  2. Tweela Houtekamer says:

    I have been enjoying your emails for several months now, while also sharing them with my watercolor group, and can’t think of a more deserving artist. Congratulations!

  3. Jane Hannah says:

    Oooh congratulations Shari — well deserved! It is totally gorgeous. Hope for you that you will be able to be present for this honour in Toronto -)))

    • Jane, I have classes tomorrow so I wasn’t able to get there tonight. So sad about this. And the gallery is never open on the weekends so I will never get to see the show. But still thrilled.

      • Jane Hannah says:

        Wow! That realky sucks Shari — I would have taken a day off and gone… easy for me to say though… every time that we miss we
        ask for suppleance so the students are not penalized and this helps part-timers to get ahead…

  4. loisajay says:

    Congratulations to you, Shari! And I think you have aced the inks. The paintings are wonderful.

  5. nathaliezinger says:

    Félicitations Shari! Such a great piece and a well served award.

  6. DiniAlice says:

    Congratulations on Blue and Rust, and thanks for the ink hints!

  7. Jeff Gold says:

    Congrats on the Schaefer award. Well deserved! I’m really enjoying your ink monochromes. You always have been a master (mistress???) of values and this proves it.

  8. Carol Bershad says:

    Congratulations on your award, Shari. You do such beautiful work. Carol

  9. Jeanne Brail says:

    Congrats. This is amazing.

  10. karim waked says:

    Well deserved my Dear.
    Another stunning piece.



  11. Ghislaine Gargaro says:

    Congratulations. Really a beautiful painting.

  12. dale cameron says:

    Congratulations on the award Shari … and may I say “ well deserved “

  13. Congratulations Shari! Fabulous painting!

  14. timdada says:

    Loving the india ink stuff.



  15. minervafm says:

    Congratulations Shari!

  16. M. L. Kappa says:

    Well done, Shari! And well deserved, it’s lovely.

  17. Denise says:

    Congratulations on the recognition of your work. Thanks for everything you share with us followers !

  18. Marylin Smith says:

    Congratulations Shari!!! …and thanks for your generous sharing of tips etc

  19. Bob Carrifee says:

    That is so well deserved, you are a wonderful artist and that is a beautiful painting.

  20. Ralph Bailey says:

    Shari- congratulations and a well deserved accolade. I follow all your posts

  21. Mega congratulations you deserve it !and thanks a million for your amazing watercolours so inspiring.

  22. Dineke (aka Senta) says:


  23. Suzanne says:

    Félicitations ! Tu le mérites bien. Tu es inspirante.

  24. Chris Rusk says:

    Congrats 🙂

  25. Judy Sopher says:

    I can only ditto what is said above. Beautiful painting deserving the award. And I am really enjoying your ink-works –do we call them paintings?

  26. TonyU says:

    Congratulations Shari! A great and well deserved honour. I loved ‘Blue and Rust’ when you first posted it and it looks just as good now. Proof that sometimes the judges are right when they choose a load of old rubbish!

  27. Christine Brown says:

    Congratulations on your win. Amazing painting.

  28. yolanda seguro says:

    Congratulations, it’s such a beautiful painting.
    Also, is it mean that I want it to start snowing in Canada so you can start to paint the bare trees with snow? These are my favourite paintings of yours, I never get tired of seeing them.

  29. Cleti Cervoni says:


  30. Sylvain Lemire says:

    Félicitations Shari. On peut voir l’oeuvre en plus grand?

  31. Douglas Stewart says:

    Congratulations on award for Blue and Rust. I love your work and you deserve it.

  32. Congratulations for such a prestigious award Shari. You deserve it!

  33. Hariette says:

    Loved this painting when you initially posted it.
    Really impressed by how you managed to make a potentially dull subject so very interesting, great colours and so much wonderful detail.

  34. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Congratulations! Your Blue and Rust looks like Anacortes, could that be? I’m enjoying your Inktober sketches and learning from them, keep it going. Are you working in your Handbook sketchbook? Thanks.

    • Frank, you are correct. That is Anacortes. Looking forward to getting back there! I have been doing my Inktober sketches in a Hahnemule sketchbook and a Pentalic sketchbook. Both are good for ink because the paper is thick.

  35. joantav says:

    I love the variety of shades you get with the India ink. Congratulations!!!! Lovely painting and a well deserved honor!

  36. sandidureice says:

    Congratulations! I agree with Hariette how you can make any subject interesting. Those lines – to the left and right, leading the eye into the painting, and the perspective carrying one through…wonderful.

  37. Anne Ritchie Klaus says:

    Congratulations Shari, that’s an amazing watercolour, so complex and yet keeping the beautiful blending softness in the sky and on the docks that only watercolour can manage. Great job :)!

  38. that’s great about the win!

  39. drawandshoot says:

    That is a glorious watercolour, Shari! Congratulations!

  40. Gina Bisaillon says:

    Double thumbs up, Shari!

  41. janice says:

    Congratulations! Love that painting and especially the highlights on the metal contrasted with the rust.

  42. Sadje says:

    Beautiful painting! Congratulations on winning the award. Thanks for sharing

  43. Cindy Tanner says:

    Congratulations! I love your paintings. I love watching your Craftsy urban sketching classes. Thank you for inspiring me.

  44. Jeno Futo says:

    Congratulations Shari, on your award.
    I went to see the show,I live in Toronto. Sadly the gallery was closed
    both times I was there during the week.Last year I had more luck to see Mark’s work,who won an award at the show.

    • Jeno, I am so sorry you didn’t get to see the show. I will be in Toronto next weekend and I won’t be able to see it either. I even emailed them to see if they were ever open on the weekend and no response! Glad you tried and thanks for letting me know.

  45. tierneyslp says:

    Are you planning additional online classes?

    • HI. At the moment I’m not planning any more online classes. I teach graphic design in a college so that takes up most of my time, and when I have breaks I am focussing on painting and giving travel workshops. But you never know about sometime in the future. Thanks for asking!

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