Trash day

As much as I appreciate discovering the unique possibilities of ink, October is the most vivid month in Montreal, so letting it go by without sketching some of autumn’s warm colours would be a mistake. On my way to school today I made a quick detour through Pointe Claire to sketch a little strip of Lakeshore Road, on my 8″ square Fluid CP block. Luckily I was there early enough to avoid having my view blocked by the city trash truck.



11 Comments on “Trash day”

  1. Trevor Travis says:

    Beautiful, fresh and exhilerating to look at. This really captures the spirit of the season, Shari. The painting just sparkles with autumn light and is a real tonic. Glad you put Inktober on hold for a while to produce this little gem.


  2. ditto, ditto and I like the idea of working on an 8×8 block.


  3. loisajay says:

    Trash day never looked so good, Shari. This is a little gem!


  4. Inktober is a self appointed goal. I love your diversion. To be an artist is to follow your heart. Great work.


  5. joantav says:

    Beautiful!!! I agree with you that trying to do Inktober with such vivid colors starting to come out everywhere is hard. Our colors have just started changing here, but there was a good amount of color when I was in Maine this weekend…plus all the pumpkins.

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  6. parikhitdutta says:

    As much as I like the beauty of monochrome in Inktober I prefer colours more 😀

    This is so pretty Shari.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Agree with the above. A happy painting. Love how the reddish roof is tucked in among the greenery.

    Our leaves have not turned much color this year. Might be due to so much rain. But they are falling. Not as pretty as those you have painted.


  8. Sadje says:

    Absolutely wonderful!


  9. Benadette says:

    This one is s gem! I l like the phone lines that seem to dance in the trees. Your colors are so clean and fresh. Thanks for departing from Inktober long enough to capture this beauty.


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